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Work from Anywhere Jobs: 11 Alternatives to Teaching English Online

Remote Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

These days, remote work has become a possibility and reality for so many more people (thanks to COVID-19). But while remote workers can technically do their jobs from anywhere in the world, most companies still keep the ball and chain tight, and enforce geographical and time zone restrictions. Meaning, even if you can physically take your remote job abroad you legally can’t—although these 15 companies will let you work from anywhere!

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Hopefully that will start to change. But what to do if you want to travel the world or move abroad and can’t seem to find a company that will let you do untether your life? Remote work can provide a life of travel while maintaining your income. A win-win! However, “breaking the code” into remote work can seem challenging, and often teaching English online seems like the only option to work remotely?

But we’ve got great news! There are actually many remote jobs that you can do from anywhere (that aren’t teaching English) and we’re going to cover the 11 best remote jobs that let you work from anywhere!

11 Jobs You Can Do Anywhere in the World

If you want to make your work from anywhere dreams a reality, we’ve done the research to identify the best jobs to work remotely. The careers that made the cut are in high-demand and well paid! You just need to bring the required skills and a stable internet connection to get the job done! 


Before we hop into the list, we don’t want to give teaching English a bad rap; it’s fair to say that online teaching gigs are some of the most popular jobs held by remote workers. The barriers to entry are can be quite low and it can pay relatively well. However, while teaching virtually is a great option for some, we know that not everyone is cut out for it, or wants to teach online.  If this is you, dive into our list of the best jobs to work remotely 

1. Freelance Copywriters and Content Writers

When you think of a writer, do you visualize a news reporter banging away at a typewriter? Well, although writing jobs look different than they did back in the day; the need for freelance writers hasn’t gone out of style.

Typically writing roles fall into the categories of copywriters and content writers. Copywriters develop text for marketing purposes and content writers craft reading material that engages a reader. Both jobs are in high-demand because businesses always need support expressing what they want to say.

Successful copywriters and content writers are creative, know the audience they are writing for, how to hook the reader with the written word, and have a basic understanding of SEO. Although anyone can write, there’s a finesse to speaking to your reader through your words.


If you’re just starting out, Marie Forleo’s Copy Cure is a great investment for launching your writing career. This detailed course explains everything and anything you need to know about writing copy that converts. Check out freelance writer Elna Cain too. Aside from offering online classes, Elna shares useful tips and tricks that’ll help jumpstart your freelance writing career.


Writing is a great field because it gives you options. This includes blogging, ghostwriting, grant writing, digital storytelling, curriculum development and so much more. And, as you research copywriting and content writing as jobs you can do from anywhere in the world, consider developing a niche. Your expertise in a specific industry will make you more marketable too.

2. SEO Specialists

If you have an interest in writing and marketing, then SEO might be the way for you to go! Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most high-demand gigs that you can do from a laptop.  Along with writing content that converts consumers to customers, SEO is key for ranking websites and driving potential sales to a client’s site.

To become an SEO specialist or expert you’ll need to hone a few key skills that include content marketing, data analytics, and some technical savviness. Your main goal as an SEO specialist is to optimize your clients content so that they rank higher in the search engines and more traffic is driven to their site. SEO isn’t just one thing, there are lots of areas to learn about and that you can specialize in. 

Are you ready to learn more about making a move to SEO? Check out our podcast interview with The Content Factory’s founder Kari DePhillips on how you can kick-start your career in SEO.  You can also take a look at her SEO course Rise and Convert. There are also tons of free resources online, Hubspot Academy has a FREE SEO Certification Course you can take!

3. Translators

Do you speak more than one language and thrive on immersing yourself in new cultures when you travel around the world? If this sounds like you, why not make your passion for languages your job that you can do from anywhere? 

While there’s always a need for translators, this job demands more than just speaking multiple languages. A necessary skill is a strong understanding of the cultural nuances in the languages being translated. For instance if you’re translating Spanish to English, it’s imperative to be familiar with the dialects and regions of the intended audience—Spain Spanish and Colombian Spanish will be different, just as English in the UK and the US differs. 

And, aside from being strong communicators, translators need an excellent command of grammar and a sharp attention to detail. ProZ is a platform that connects professional translators to translation companies. 

4. Virtual Assistant

If you thrive on multi-tasking, have excellent organizational skills, and love helping others, how about becoming a virtual assistant? A virtual assistant’s (VA) job is to make life easier for their clients. They are self-employed and work to support people and/or businesses remotely.

What exactly does a virtual assistant do? Just about anything you can do online; here are some of the in-demand tasks that virtual assistants perform:

  • Admin: Inbox management, data entry, bookkeeping, customer support
  • Design: Web design, social media graphics, logos, business cards
  • Writing: Blog writing, sales pages, e-books, newsletters, social media posts

VAs have been working remotely since before the pandemic! It really is a great way to become financially free, have flexible working hours and work from anywhere.

Learn more about how to become a VA on our podcast interview with VA expert, Hannah Dixon. And if you’re ready to get started, sign up for Hannah’s FREE 5-Day VA Challenge!

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5. Community Managers

Do you enjoy creating spaces of belonging for others? Perhaps you already do this in your day to day by organizing events with friends and planning gatherings for your family. If you love connecting and community, then a community manager job might have your name on it.


With most of the world connected online, businesses of all sizes are hiring community managers to educate, connect, and inform consumers, product users or just like-minded people. So, if you already like facilitating groups, becoming a community manager might be the perfect job where you can work remotely too.


Community managers have a take-charge attitude, are strong communicators, and comfortable in leadership roles. What exactly does a community manager do? Essentially, they build, grow, and manage a companies online community. 

CMX Hub is the leading professional network for community managers. If you’re interested to learn more, they have numerous resources and networking opportunities to help get started! Don’t forget to join their community for community managers at the CMX’s Facebook group!

6. Social Media Managers

Do you love sharing and posting on social media? If so, how about turning your passion for communicating and connecting online to a job where you can work remotely?

There are so many social media platforms to keep up with so it’s no surprise that social media is a high-demand industry that can easily be done from anywhere in the world. Social media marketers create, promote, share, edit, and moderate their clients’ social media channels. Big brands and small companies alike hire these professionals to represent their businesses on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more!

Creatives and those with a background in marketing, communications, public relations, and related training are a good fit to become social media managers. If you hold these skills and have a deep understanding of how social media works, then this job might have your name on it.

To learn more working in social media manager, check out these online learning platforms to start building your skills in social media.

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7. Web Designers/Web Developers

Are you an innovative person who’s always wanted to work from a beach in Bali or a cafe in Prague? Well, quit dreaming and make it happen because web design and web development are jobs you can do from anywhere in the world!

Professionals in these position are responsible for coding and creating websites.  Web designers & web developers can have a cross functionality in their roles and also work hand in hand. But if you’re more creative, then web design might be more your speed. Web designers focus on the aesthetics of a site and its usability. On the other hand, web developers are generally more technical and have programming skills that allow them to build and work on the framework of websites. 

If you have the skills, your only other need is a great wi-fi connection!  These are some of the best jobs for remote work…and some of the best paying! Key skills required of web designers/developers include computer programming and graphic design. All industries require web designers/developers, making this a high-demand job!

So, does this job sound like it’s up your alley? Take a look at HubSpot for some free courses on web design and development. Here are some more sites where you can hone your skills!

8. Editors/Proofreaders

How’s your attention to detail? If you’re someone who loves to read and is a stickler for grammar and errors, then editing and proofreading might be the ideal job that you can do from anywhere. 

Editors and proofreaders typically work collaboratively with clients and content writers. Along with being able to work well with others, these professionals should hold excellent time management skills and have a superior command of both writing and grammar.


To test out if editing and proofreading is path for you, take a look at any job board for a volunteer opportunity. This is a good way to build up experience. Tools like the read out-loud features in Word and Hemingway Reader are tools that will help you succeed!

9. Video Editors

One of the highlights of traveling around the world is taking video capturing your experiences. If you have a passion for videography and are all about communication, collaboration, and creativity, video editing just might be the best job for you to do remotely! 

Video editors are responsible for creating content for their clients by fine-tuning footage so that it meets the clients’ needs. While many video editors work for a company, others work as freelancers. Since video editors spend time working independently and collaborating, this is a great job to work remotely, but still feel like you’re connecting to others. 

Along with excellent attention to detail and a patient personality, video editors should have some mass communications training and know how to work editing programs. 

For an introduction into video editing and to see if it’s is a good fit, check out our list of resources to find online courses to get your started!

10. Client Success/Client Services

Are you a personable person who’s all about making people happy? Do you like problem-solving, diffusing conflict, and finding solutions that are a win-win for everyone? If this sounds interesting to you, a job in client success or client services might have your name on it. 

Professionals in this role are focused on making sure their customers are getting the outcome they desire from using a company’s products or services. So, if you thrive on cultivating relationships that produce a high ROI, client success/client services is the perfect job that provides flexibility to work remotely too! 


Client success/client services employees should be strong communicators who can conduct analytics to determine consumer patterns and identify opportunities for a positive customer experience. To learn more find out what it takes to become a client success manager

11. Transcribers

If you’re looking for extreme flexibility that’ll allow you to work and travel, consider becoming a transcriber. Transcribers creates written copy of video or audio content. And they can work as little or as much as they’d like – either with a company or as freelancers. All you need is a computer with a strong internet connection to get it all done!


Along with being a fast typist and having a strong attention to detail, transcribers should have great listening and computer skills. Since you’ll be working on deadlines, it helps to be able to manage your time well too. 


One of the perks to being a transcriber is that you can specialize in niche industries – like law or medicine. Since you’ll capture content based on the assignments provided to you, knowing client-specific lingo will make you even more marketable.

Best Work from Anywhere Jobs

The world is your oyster. We hope these 11 top jobs you can do from anywhere have got you excited about your options to work remotely. If you need help going remote, be sure to check out our list of best sites for remote work. And don’t forget to take a look at the 15 companies that will let you work from anywhere!


Enjoy the flexibility of working online and take your job with you across the world.  And if you’ve got your eyes set on Europe, don’t forget to check out our visa guide to living in Europe; there are so many visas available to make your dream of living in Europe a reality!


Working from anywhere really is possible! 

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