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podcast Marla Stein - episode 41

Ep 41 | Finding Opportunity in Adversity with Marla Stein

Adversity can be seen as a roadblock or it can be the start of opportunity. In this episode Marla Stein shares the many adversities she’s faced and how they have given her opportunities, helped her prioritize what’s important, and provided her with what she’s needed to hit refresh!

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Ep 38 | A Sweet Surrender Is All That We Have to Give

In this last episode of Season 3 I’m joined by She Hit Refresh co-founder Annette Villarreal. Listen in as we catch up on what’s been going on since we were last on the podcast together; everything from quitting jobs to a possible move for Annette, letting go to realizing dreams, dating…one of us now has a boyfriend…and much much more!

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