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Ep 16 | Wanderlust. Using Travel as a Tool to Fully Embrace Yourself and Stand in Your Own Power

In this episode we hear from two marvelous women who have taken life by the horns, hit refresh, and leaped into the unknown. Christina Lord shares how death and divorce drastically changed her life and led her to go on a journey of self-discovery and reinvention. Melissa Mansfield shares how travel and dance took her on a post-divorce journey through Latin America and helped heal in ways only dance can do.

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Ep 13 | Fly for Free: How to Start Travel Hacking with Lisette Austin

To help us wrap up season 1 of the podcast we have special guest, Lisette Austin, who is here to help you learn how to earn free travel! She’s an award travel expert and has racked up millions of airline miles and hotel points using regular household spending and travel credit cards, saving herself over $100K in travel costs!

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Ep 12 | Burnout, Belonging and the Art of Reinvention with Kay Fabella

Kay Fabella, the story finder, joins us to talk about burnout and how her diagnosis of depression led to a path of reinvention. Reinvention is a life long process, one that can leave you feeling isolated and lonely when those around you don’t understand the unconventional path you’re on. Get Kay’s tips to find belonging and feel less alone.

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