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Ep 1 | Meet Cepee, Founder of She Hit Refresh

Ep 1 | Meet Cepee, Founder of She Hit Refresh

In this episode you’ll learn about She Hit Refresh co-founder Cepee Tabibian. If you are a member of our Facebook group you may already know a bit about Cepee and her journey from Texas to Spain. Listen to Cepee discuss her first trip abroad at 17 and how that changed her life. She’ll also share where she gets her infectious energy from, why she moved to Spain at 35,  how she starting a new career in her late 30s, and how she deals with the lows of living abroad. 

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What We Discuss 

  • How Cepee’s friendship with an international student from high school ignited her passion for travel 
  • By embracing change, Cepee became open to new experiences and found her path
  • Some teachable moments and learnings from Cepee’s travels 
  • How Cepee became a social media marketing expert
  • How Cepee created a supportive community of like-minded women

About Cepee

Born a citizen of the world to a Colombian mother and Iranian father in West Virginia, Cepee spent all but 9 months of her childhood growing up in the Lone Star State and proudly considers herself a Native Texan. Although her parents were from South America and the Middle East, her passion for travel didn’t start until high school when she befriended a group of foreign exchange students. At 17 she took a trip to the Netherlands to visit one of these friends unaware that this would be the most pivotal moment in her life.

Her first trip abroad prompted a deep and magical love affair with travel and self-exploration that continues till this day, 20 years later. In 2015 she moved to Madrid, Spain and snagged her first remote job, a dream position that allows her to balance both work and travel. She works in social media marketing and community building and spends most of her free time making She Hit Refresh awesome!

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