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Ep 2 | Meet Annette, co-founder of She Hit Refresh

Ep 2 | Meet Annette, co-founder of She Hit Refresh

In this episode you’ll get to learn more about She Hit Refresh’s co-founder Annette Villarreal and her unique journey. This structured, Type A personality hit refresh big time in 2017 and quit her job of almost 8 years so that she could travel the world and spend time with family. Find out what’s she doing now and what’s next!

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What We Discuss 

  • Why Annette decided to take a sabbatical and the impact of her refresh
  • Who inspired Annette’s interest in travel 
  • Why self sufficiency, security, setting goals and stability are important to Annette
  • The cultural expectations placed on Annette to be married and have children as well as her clarity about not missing out on these life choices

About Annette

Born and raised in south Texas, Annette experienced travel through her family adventures throughout the U.S. She lived the typical small town upbringing, which included being involved in school, church, sports and the family ranch. While busy staying out of trouble, she longed to hear about the stories and cultures her aunt experienced on her travels through Europe, Mexico and Hawaii. It was because of these adventures that she began to dream of traveling the world. 


After college, she moved to Austin, Texas to begin what is now a twenty-year career in the IT industry in various positions. While exploring the big city and climbing the ladder, she blew off steam with an active lifestyle and meeting new friends. Meanwhile, something was missing… That’s until she journeyed on her first trip abroad in her twenties with a group of girlfriends traveling through Spain in 2002. This spun the next 12 years into a national and international traveling frenzy of experiencing the wanderlust lifestyle. Yet, it was a running trip to Morocco in 2014 that challenged her to follow her heart, simplify her life, and plan for big change. Fast-forward to summer of 2017 and Annette found herself finally hitting refresh! She quit her job of 9 years, packed her bags and traveled solo through Europe for several months. This experience brought new meaning, goals and the idea of creating a community for other women who want to refresh their lives.

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