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Ep. 3 – Katie Chalcraft, What is a Life Coach?

Ep 3 | Katie Chalcraft, What is a Life Coach?

Have you ever wondered what a life coach does? Maybe you’re already working with one or maybe you want to be one!


Since we get a lot of questions regarding life coaching in the She Hit Refresh group, we invited coach and facilitator Katie Chalcraft to the podcast. Listen in as she provides insight on the purpose and power of working with a life coach. She’ll also dive into her own refresh story, how she got started as a coach, why she has her own life coach, and where following her heart has taken her. 


Katie joined us in Marrakesh at our She Hit Refresh Morocco Retreat in April 2019. She facilitated our first workshop of the week which focused on finding our top five passions in priority order.  

Listen to the podcast here!

What We Discuss 

  • Katie’s path to becoming a life coach
  • The definition of a life coach
  • How Katie’s international experiences prepared her for relating to women about to or already hitting refresh
  • The value a life coach can provide to someone seeking to hit refresh
  • The Passion Test and how this tool helps support someone seeking insight and guidance

About Katie

Katie is a coach and a facilitator committed to supporting women connect with what lights them up so that they can live a life they love no matter where they are in the world. Over the past 15 years she’s facilitated group workshops on passion and purpose, self-awareness, leadership and overcoming global challenges in 18 countries spanning 5 continents. Her clients include the United Nations, international banks such as ING and multinationals such as Coca-Cola Sabco. She is a certified Master Trainer of The Passion Test and works closely with transformational leader Janet Bray Attwood.


You can connect with Katie via on her WebsiteInstagram or Facebook. You may also be interested in her free guide ‘The Ultimate Guide to Thrive: 21 Tips to help you to find your feet in a foreign land’ available on her website. 

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