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Ep 51 | How Travel & Hitting Refresh Led Jessica Ellerbrock to Find Her Purpose and Passion

Ep 51 | How Travel & Hitting Refresh Led Jessica Ellerbrock to Find Her Purpose and Passion

Welcome to Season 4 of the She Hit Refresh podcast.  A podcast for women age 30 and up who want to break free from routine and start a life of travel. Specifically women who want to move abroad or travel the world long-term. I sit down with women who have made their refresh dreams come true and discuss how and why they moved abroad or hit the road to travel.

In this episode I speak with Jessica Ellerbrock who is 45 years young and originally from Ohio. Jessica moved up the ranks in retail buying working for large corporations like The Men’s Warehouse and Sears but when she was unexpectedly let go after a 10 year run she not only lost her job but also her identity. She did what any refresher would do in times of uncertainty, she hit the road to travel!

Travel has taken Jessica all over the world and has led her to find her purpose and passion. Listen in as Jessica tells us how her slew of refreshes led her to London where she currently works as a Sales & Operations Manager for a social enterprise that employs women in creative arts.
What we discuss
  • How losing a job in corporate America led to a loss of identity
  • The healing process of Walking the Camino de Santiago
  • Losing her mom at 27 to breast cancer and how (and when) she dealt with the loss
  • How hitting brought awareness to her trauma and allowed her to seek help
  • How a Kiva fellowship to Rwanda in microfinance set her on a whole different path
  • Her subscription box Wanderkarma
  • Doing a masters at age 41 and changing careers
  • How she went to volunteer in Greece at a refugee camp and ended up getting a job in London
  • How she found her passion from her refresh journey
  • What helped keep her moving forward during the uncertainty
  • and more!

About Jessica

Jessica always had wanderlust, but never had time. At 38 she lost her job in Corporate America and immediately took a refresh backpacking trip through Europe. She spent 2 months in Spain – 1 of those months was spent walking the Camino de Santiago. This journey showed her that she had a lot of work to do on healing from the death of her mother.

Since then, the journey continues from volunteering in microfinance in Rwanda, going back for her masters, and to now working with a social enterprise employing refugee women in creative products.

Her passion is her own small business – Wanderkarma, which is a subscription travel box supporting local artists in a new country each month. About Wanderkarma:

Wanderkarma appears when our hearts and minds are open to discover, learn, and connect with the world around us.

We spread good karma through our wander! We are a monthly subscription box that supports artisans and creators around the world. We fuel your wanderlust with a travel guide to the country!

We discover new artists, shops, neighborhoods, and handmade decor. A curation of all things we love when we travel
Join us to a new country each month: www.wanderkarma.com


Connect with Jessica on her website, at Wanderkarma, and follow her on Instagram

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