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Welcome to Our Community!

What is She Hit Refresh?

She Hit Refresh is an online community that connects like-minded women age 30 and older who:

1) Want to break free from their routine and start a life of travel

2) Have made the leap, hit refresh, and changed their life through travel

Welcome to your tribe! Do you ever think about…

Quitting your job to travel? Moving abroad? Taking a sabbatical? Trying out the digital nomad life? Or just plain getting out of your rut? If so, then you have found a community of women who understand you, a community of women who have the same questions, doubts, dreams, and fears.

Who’s behind She Hit Refresh?

Cepee and Annette, two friends with a love of travel who have hit refresh on our lives. We have both struggled with feeling stuck in our lives of convention and responsibility: mortgages, pets, relationships (or lack thereof), insecurities, debt, etc. We’ve had friends and family question our actions, but also many who supported us in our journey. We both gave ourselves permission to hit that refresh button and take the leap to make life changes through travel.

How are we different from other female travel groups?

While there are many travel communities out there for women, there isn’t one like this. How are we different? Well, we focus on more than just travel. We focus on providing advice and resources to help you take that deep desire for change, hit refresh, and make it a reality.

When looking for a community to help us with our own travel dreams, we noticed that the existing female travel groups limit their conversations to short-term travel: what hostel to stay in, where to eat, what to see, what clothes to pack. We wanted something more; we needed to connect with women like us who could help us understand not just what, but how to do it. When we didn’t find what we were looking for, we created it!

Why 30+?

Many of us are shouldering responsibilities that we may not have had when we were younger: a budding career, children, mortgage, a car note, student loans, a long-term relationship, pets, etc. And for those of us who don’t have these responsibilities, internal or external pressures will have us thinking about them. These responsibilities can make us question whether our dreams of travel and change are possible or even realistic at our age.

Many of us may also feel stuck in our routine or that we are too “old” to leave our life of comfort, stability, and security for the unknown. Family and friends may not understand and may question our dreams or advise us to focus on the conventional path (settle down, start a family, climb the career ladder).

Please know that you’re not alone in your situation or in your thoughts. We’ve got a whole community of like-minded women spanning 30-70 years young who get you!

We’re so happy you are here!

She Hit Refresh is focused on connecting like-minded women to support, empower, inform, and inspire each other while providing advice and resources to make your unconventional travel dreams come true.

Please subscribe to our blog for all the latest info on how to refresh your life. Come join our Facebook group to connect with a like-minded community who can help you with advice, tips, and exit strategies on how to get unstuck and make your travel dreams a reality. Whether you’re looking to take a short sabbatical, quit your job to travel, move abroad, or even try out the digital nomad life, this group was made for you!

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