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She Hit Refresh is the only community dedicated to helping women age 30 and over go from daydreaming about moving abroad to actually making it a reality!

Our mission is to empower thousands of women age 30 and over to move abroad—and create their best life—through community, inspiration, and education. It’s never too late and you’re never too old to hit refresh!

SHE HIT Refresh

We are Cepee and Annette, two gals from Texas who met on a running trip through Morocco in 2014 and became fast friends and travel buddies. After Cepee moved to Spain (2015) and Annette took her sabbatical (2017) they were bombarded with questions from their friends on how they took the unconventional path—weren’t they too old, what about their careers, how could they afford it, wasn’t it dangerous, what about marriage and kids—so they started a Facebook group to connect, share resources and answer questions…and that’s how She Hit Refresh came to be!

About Cepee

Hi, I’m Cepee, rhymes with peppy, a Colombian-Iranian American who left a cush conventional life in Austin,Texas in 2015 to live my dream life in Madrid, Spain.

My passion for travel started in 1997 when I convinced my parents to let me travel solo to the Netherlands for my 17th birthday. Little did I know that this trip would become the most pivotal moment in my life. It prompted a deep and magical love affair with travel and self-exploration that continues till this day, 25 years later.

…it also caused a lot of internal strife.

From that trip forward I knew I wanted to live abroad but without a viable path to make that a reality I had to conform—

I struggled spending 9-5 behind a desk, climbing the career ladder, chasing titles, exploring the world on 10 days of paid vacation, prioritizing productivity and keeping up with the Joneses.  

I became a serial job-quitter and tried—and failed—many times to find a way to move abroad: taught English abroad, volunteered abroad, interned abroad, did a masters abroad but none of these options provided a viable path to long-term living in a foriegn country.

That is until the age of 35, when I “cracked the code” and have been living happily ever after in Spain ever since! I now share what I’ve learned over the past two decades here at She Hit refresh with women age 30+ from around the world who want to create their best life abroad.

About Annette

Hi, I’m Annette! Born and raised in South Texas, I started traveling through my adventurous family vacations in the U.S. My small town upbringing included school, church, sports and the family ranch, but I always had bigger plans for myself. My desire to travel abroad came second-hand, derived from stories and cultures my aunt shared with me through her own adventures in far off lands.

I spent the last two decades in Austin, Texas climbing the IT career ladder while simultaneously chasing my wanderlust that blossomed after my first trip abroad to Spain in my twenties in 2002. Five years ago I finally pulled the plug and hit refresh on my life—after thinking about it for four years—I quit my job of almost a decade, packed my bags and traveled solo through Europe.

Life brought me back to Austin but I’m investing in the next steps to untether my life and hit refresh once again.

About Our Members

What is the average age of our members?

The average age of our members is 35-55 years young. However, our members range from 30-70.

Where are our members located?

We have members from around the world! The majority of our members are located in the United States, Spain, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Why do members join She Hit Refresh?

Our members join She Hit Refresh to connect with like-minded women age 30+ who also want to change their lives by moving abroad. They also join to access information, resources, and support to gain the clarity and confidence they need to make a move abroad.

Our Story

Sept 2015
Cepee hits refresh!

She quits her job at a tech company in Austin,Texas and moves to Madrid, Spain at age 35 to teach English through a government language assistant program…the same program she participated in in 2006 at age 26. While it felt like a step backwards, deep down she knew it was the first step to something greater.

May 2017
Annette hits refresh!

After four years of thinking about taking a sabbatical she finally quits her job of nine years and takes off on her first solo trip—an adventure through Europe at age 41

July 2017
Cepee and Annette get an idea!

They meet up in Venice, Italy during Annette’s sabbatical and talk about creating a space for women like them—age 30+ who want to live an unconventional life of travel—to have the conversations they were having, that they didn’t see happening anywhere else.

November 2017
The She Hit Refresh Facebook group is born!

On a whim Cepee creates a Facebook group called She Hit Refresh and invites her friends and Annette’s friends. They use this space to connect people in their network who want to move abroad and have already moved abroad and magic starts to happen!

December 2017
Our first 100 members!

Triple digits! Friends of friends were now joining She HIt Refresh and the engagement and growth was at a level neither of us had expected.

March 2018
The first She Hit Refresh Meetup! 

Cepee was meeting so many incredible women in Spain who had also hit refresh. She wanted to harness the power of in person community and hosted the first She Hit Refresh Meetup

November 2018
She Hit Refresh grows, big time!

Through word of mouth She Hit Refresh exceeds our expectations and grows to 4,000 members worldwide by our first year anniversary!

April 2019
She Hit Refresh heads to Morocco!

Due to member demand we decide to host our first retreat and what better place to host it than in Morocco (where Annette and I met in 2014). This was a turning point She Hit Refresh, we went from hobby to business almost overnight.

January 2019
We’ve got a podcast!

A huge podcast lover herself, Cepee launches the She Hit Refresh podcast—after two years of thinking about it. Four seasons and over 50 guests who have shared their personal journeys of hitting refresh around the world. 

Sept 2020
Want to move to Europe? Here's how!

During the early days of the pandemic Cepee writes her first book I’m Outta Here! An American’s Ultimate Visa Guide to Living in Europe.

January 2021
We’re in Forbes!

A full page article about She Hit Refresh, Cepee’s personal story, and I’m Outta Here! get featured in Forbes. Another turning point for She Hit Refresh, this one piece generates massive interest in She Hit Refresh and I’m Outta Here!

April 2022
She Hit Refresh heads to Southern Spain!

She Hit Refresh launches its third retreat, this time in Mijas, Spain.

May 2022
We’ve got a YouTube channel!

After years of thinking about YouTube, Cepee finally dives in and commits to a year's worth of YouTube videos.

October 2022
10k members!

Just shy of celebrating 5 years of She Hit Refresh and we hit another milestone of 10,000 members worldwide!

November 2022
She Hit Refresh celebrates 5 years!

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She Hit Refresh
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Absolutely not! At She Hit Refresh we have members age 30-80 in our community who are making big changes in their life through travel. You’re never too old and it’s never too late to hit refresh!

Our Facebook community was created to support women age 30+, however, we do admit women who are on the cusp of 30 (28+) to join our community. If you are under age 30 you can benefit from our many resources: blog, YouTube, website, digital book, and consulting calls.  

Our Facebook community was created to support women age 30+, however, men can still benefit from our many resources: blog, YouTube, website, digital book, and consulting calls.  

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