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From packing to planning your trip, it all can be an overwhelming task. Here, we hope to provide you with the best strategies and options to make your travels as smooth as possible.

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How to Plan an Adult Gap Year

It’s a common misconception that the only time you can take a gap year is immediately before, during, or after college. But did you know that there is still plenty of opportunity to take a gap year well into your 30s, 40s (and beyond), even with an established life and career? Learn how you can plan your adult gap year!

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The 9 Best Coliving Spaces in Spain

Spain is one of the top destinations in Europe to vacation, work, and retire and given the rise of remote work, it has also been attracting remote workers and digital nomads. If you’re interested in exploring this fascinating country through coliving, keep reading to learn more about the 9 best coliving Spaces in Spain!

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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Housing As a Travel Nurse

Whether you’re just starting out in your travel nursing career or looking for a change, one of the most important factors you’ll need to address in this field is housing. Come learn about the different options available to you when it comes to finding housing as a travel nurse.

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The Best Places in Mexico for Digital Nomads in 2022

Thinking of moving to Mexico to work remotely? There are many reasons why Mexico is an excellent choice for a home away from home. Read on to get the ins and outs of working remotely in Mexico, and our top picks for the best places in Mexico for digital nomads in 2022.

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The Best Travel Groups for Solo Female Travelers

If you’re interested in traveling solo but don’t know where to start, check out and join the best travel groups for solo female travelers. Come discover which groups are best suited for you with our in depth guide!

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15 Easy Ways to Work Abroad in 2022

The opportunity to work abroad is well within your reach! Whether you want to work as a teacher or in tech, working abroad is a great opportunity to expand your personal and professional experience. Discover some of the easiest ways to work abroad in 2022.

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