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15 Easy Ways to Work Abroad in 2022

15 Easy Ways to Work Abroad in 2022

As you dream about moving abroad, the subject of working abroad is one of the first things to come to mind and you may be asking yourself, “How can I find work opportunities abroad?”, “Can I even get a job?”, and “Where do I start to find an opportunity to work abroad?”

In 2022, thankfully, it is easier than you think and we’ve compiled a simple guide to get you started on your job search abroad! Regardless of age, there are numerous opportunities to work abroad. Let’s explore work opportunities abroad and how to get a job abroad.

How to Find Work Opportunities Abroad

Moving and working abroad is a wonderful opportunity to explore a new country, improve language skills, gain an international perspective and it can open many doors in the long run. Work abroad opportunities nowadays are vast, but you will have to research and prepare more than if you were just applying for a job in your home country.


Be aware that if you do not already have permission to work in your desired country, getting a company abroad to sponsor your work visa can be very challenging. If you would like to know all the work options you have in Europe check out our visa guide I’m Outta Here! An American’s Ultimate Visa Guide to Living in Europe.

To get you started, here are some resources to look for work around the world:

  • Easy Expat
    Created by Expats and full of helpful resources on how to find a job abroad, relocating advice, and community connection. Their jobs section is extensive and diverse. There is also a forum, separated by country, where you can easily find helpful Q&As.

  • Go Overseas
    GoOverseas is a very comprehensive guide of thousands of programs from around the world offering international jobs. There are jobs listed in every category, including online and volunteer opportunities.

  • Expat Network

    The Expat Network goes in depth about job opportunities, moving abroad advice, visas, traveling, owning property, and retiring abroad. This platform is a great resource for anyone considering making the move to another country permanently or investing in real estate.

  • Jobs Abroad Bulletin
    Jobs on the Jobs Abroad Bulletin focuses on teaching abroad opportunities around the world and you can filter them by country.

    BUNAC, or the
    British Universities North America Club, was started by students who wanted an opportunity to go and work and live abroad. To share this with other like-minded people, they expanded to become a part of the STA travel group and offer numerous opportunities to work and live abroad.

    Most BUNAC programs have an age cap of 30, however if you’re 35 or under Canada is an option and their German program does not have an age limit.

Remote working is the rage in 2021, and many people are quitting their traditional jobs to go remote since it offers more flexibility. If you want to work outside of the office there are a lot of sites to visit with numerous job opportunities in every field. Visit our She Hit Refresh guide for the Best Sites to Find Remote Work!

15 Easy Ways to Work Abroad in 2021

1. Teach English

This is one of the easiest ways to work abroad and get your foot in the door of the country you wish to live in. There are thousands of opportunities around the world to teach English abroad and numerous companies that can help you get jobs within this market. One important factor, although in some countries it is not a requirement, is to get a TEFL certification. Getting certified to teach English as a foreign language will give you a leg up on the competition and could potentially increase your salary, depending on several factors. There are also programs for teaching English that require no teaching experience or certification, only a Bachelor’s degree in any field.

child at school

If you wish to teach in Spain, there are several programs that provide the opportunity to live and work in Spain! One of the most popular programs is the Auxilares de Conversación (aka: North American Language and Cultural Assistant). Working as a language assistant is the best (and arguably, the easiest) way to get your foot in the door when coming to Spain. This kind of job gives you a reasonable stipend and the opportunity to teach and explore Spain. For more details about the program visit our Teaching English in Spain post!


If you are looking for ease, teaching English is one of the easiest ways to live/work abroad. Unsure about where exactly to start or don’t know if teaching English is for you? Check out our Starter Guide to Teaching English Abroad.

2. Study a language abroad

For many U.S. citizens, one of the easiest ways to initially go abroad to the country of your choice, is to study. This can include enrolling at an accredited university to pursue a degree or studying a language at a language academy.

Enrolling in a language academy for a year will satisfy a long-term student visa requirement and, depending on the country, will often allow for part-time employment (20 hours a week). Your part-time job options will be limited if you do not speak the local language, but if your country of destination is a non-native English speaking country, chances are positions as a private English teacher will be heavily in demand.

3. Become an Au Pair

If you love working with young kids, this one’s for you! Many countries seek au pairs, or live in “nannies”, to spend time with their children throughout the week. Responsibilities will vary, but in almost all cases, you will have accommodation, food and a weekly stipend.

4. Volunteer through Workaway or WWOOF

Workaway and WWOff are volunteer exchange programs. These international programs offer numerous volunteer opportunities, while they typically do not offer a stipend, they often offer accommodation or food in exchange for work. These projects can last from a few days to a year and are great cultural exchange experiences. 

woman volunteering in australia

WWOOF stands for, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and their opportunities are ideal for those who are comfortable working outside and doing manual labor. Workaway is a community based platform where you create a profile and connect with hosts around the world who are offering jobs that match your interests. This platform allows you to choose to travel solo, with a partner, or as a group of friends to the same destination. Check out our post on Work Away for the Solo Female Traveler for more details!

5. Working holiday visa

Working holiday visas are a popular choice for many who want to make the leap abroad! U.S. citizens have access to 6 country’s through working holiday visas, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and Singapore. 

But, what is a working holiday visa? A working holiday visa gives you the opportunity to live and temporarily work in a country with vacationing as the main focus, working should not be the priority. This type of visa is ideal for seasonal work, such as, hotel concierge, retail worker, or farm work. These visas can last 6-18 months depending on the country and can lead to additional opportunities! 

Sounds like the perfect visa, right? The downside is that most work holiday visas have an age cap for participation that often ranges from 30-35 years old. 

6. Seasonal Work Opportunities

Like the idea of working hard for 3-6 months then traveling around for the other 6 months of the year? Then seasonal opportunities are the way to go! Depending on the amount of time you spend in a country you can work as a grape harvester for wineries, a lifeguard or as a sales associate during peak tourist season. 

7. Work on a boat, yacht, or cruise ship

Are you an ocean lover? Can see yourself sailing the seas for weeks or months at a time? If so, boat-life is definitely worth exploring. Positions working on boats and yachts range from attendant, entertainer, to management. The money is good, plus, you can cover lots of ground in a short amount of time.

8. Contracting jobs

People need help with everything! Contracting jobs are a way to find paid opportunities  on the spot. Whether that’s painting someone’s house, dog walking, working as a mechanic or a carpenter, manual labor is always in demand wherever you are in the world. Take note that these types of jobs can be risky as most don’t provide benefits and they can be difficult to maintain a stable salary. If you like to live simply and go with the flow then contracting work might be for you.

9. Become a tour guide

As a native English speaker (bonus points if you speak more than one language) you can work as a tour guide in destinations where English speaking visitors travel. Depending where you are, these jobs can be easy to come by. Demand for tour guides is best during the high tourist season. 

10. Work as a waiter or a bartender

The customer service industry is always in need of workers. Working as a bartender or waiter requires little-to-no prior experience and you have the chance to earn tips alongside your hourly rate.

11. Work as a house sitter or pet sitter

If you are an animal lover, like myself, consider working as a house sitter or pet sitter. While most opportunities go unpaid, the perk here is that you can hop around from house to house, country to country and have your accommodation covered. Want to know more? Check out our article What is House Sitting? Everything You Need To Get Started.

women kissing dog

12. Work at a hotel/hostel/resort

Do you like working in hospitality? Opportunities for working at a hotel, hostel or resort range from administrative assistant, concierge, receptionist, chef to name a few. It’s not too difficult to break into the world of working in hospitality but the work can be grueling.  

13. Become an instructor

If you have a specific skill set that can be leveraged, why not try becoming a certified instructor in that field. There are numerous opportunities around the world in fields like health and outdoor activities, for example, scuba diving instructor or yoga instructor. Look into getting certified in your home country or abroad (whichever is easier) and then apply for a job in your specialized field.

teaching yoga on the beach

14. Highly skilled visa

Did you know that some countries offer positions to foreigners who are highly skilled in demand sectors? Each country has it’s own qualifications for what is considered highly skilled and which roles they apply to, but in general, if you have extensive technical or managerial experience you may have a shot at qualifying.

How it works it a that a company abroad would. have to sponsor your visa and this requires an official job offer based on proof of your experience and skill. These positions are well-paid and a great way living abroad long-term.

15. Remote Working

The sky is the limit when it comes to remote work, especially since the pandemic led to remote-work for many office workers! From freelance to being an employee, working remotely has changed the industry. You can do anything from translation, transcription, design, customer service, content writing, and more!

The options are endless, and remote work is a fantastic option if you see yourself traveling a lot. Here are some of the best job sites to find remote work. And more specifically, if you’re looking for companies who empower employees to work from anywhere (WFA) in the world, not just Anywhere, USA checkout this list of the top WFA companies

woman working from a couch

How to Prepare to Work Abroad

In order to work abroad, there are several steps you can take to snag to your ideal gig and doing your due diligence and research is key!

Step 1: Determine if you need a visa and if there is a viable visa option for you

The first step in preparing to work abroad is to figure out your visa situation (if one is needed, as most likely, it will be). Visa requirements will depend on your citizenship and your country of destination. Knowing where you can work based on your visa option will help you narrow down your search.

If you have your eyes set on Europe, check out our digital book I’m Outta Here! An American’s Ultimate Visa Guide to Living in Europe. You’ll find information on the 17 easiest European countries to move to based on viable visa options, including more than 50+ visa options!

Step 2: Research the type of job you want

Once you narrow down where you want to move to, the job searching process won’t be so overwhelming. You may have to adapt or add to your skill set depending on what jobs you qualify for.

Thorough research is key. Some jobs may be more in demand in a certain country than others. See if your desired job category is feasible to obtain and adapt it from there.

Step 3: Update your resume

A resume could always use a tweek or two every year! Don’t forget to highlight your most recent and relevant experiences and customize a cover letter for each job you plan to apply to. This will help you stand out amongst the crowd!

Keep in mind that if you need a company to sponsor your visa, applying online to jobs abroad doesn’t generally lead to a response. It is very difficult to complete with local talent on paper, especially if you do not have a skill that is in high demand.  Like anywhere in the world your network is the best way to find an opportunity.

While it requires time and patience, the most viable way to score a visa sponsorship is to spend time in the country you want to work in and build a network in the field you are interested in. 

Step 4: Apply for potential opportunities in the area/city/town you want to live in (if your goal is to work remotely, you can disregard the location oriented detail)

Dot your i’s and cross your t’s and send off several applications a week! Whether it’s contracted, freelance, or volunteer work, you should apply as early as possible to help your chances of guaranteeing a position abroad, especially for popular programs like the language assistant program in Spain.

Step 5: Collect documentation for the visa you will need to apply for (if any)

Preparing documents can be a long, arduous process so always start early on this one. Certified copies and Apostilles of documents can take months to arrive, so research what document you will need for your intended visa and request them ahead of time, if you can.

Step 6: Once accepted for an opportunity, apply for your visa!

It may be a long waiting game or you may receive a job offer shortly after you apply. Whatever the case, request a visa appointment at the embassy of your jurisdiction. Nowadays, they book out months in advance so be prepared for the waiting time. Use it as an opportunity to collect necessary documents.

Working abroad is a huge decision that will come with numerous rewards! That is to say, the process is no walk in the park, so research, research, research. Network around in-person and in Facebook groups to find opportunities and to get people’s perspective and experience first hand.

Find the opportunities that fit your specific interests and choose the country you want to live in. Check out additional resources on the She Hit Refresh site regarding Moving Abroad and Remote Work for more insider tips.

Best of luck on your journey to working abroad! You got this.

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