Salina Owens

coping with feeling homesick

11 Ways to Cope With Feeling Homesick Abroad

Moving abroad is not an easy journey. It is stressful, chaotic, and yet exciting! Once the chaos and excitement die down, a different feeling starts to emerge: homesickness. Feeling homesick is a natural part of the journey and thankfully we’ve got a list of ways to help you cope!

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15 Easy Ways to Work Abroad in 2022

The opportunity to work abroad is well within your reach! Whether you want to work as a teacher or in tech, working abroad is a great opportunity to expand your personal and professional experience. Discover some of the easiest ways to work abroad in 2022.

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25 Essential Packing Tips for Moving Abroad

So, you’ve decided to move abroad! Congratulations! Now for the exciting, yet slightly daunting process, of what to pack and how to pack. Let’s break down the 25 essential packing tips you’ll need to prepare your moving abroad packing checklist.

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