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Your Guide to Greece’s Digital Nomad Visa

Greece Digital Nomad Visa Yout Ticket to Paradise

If Greece conjures up images of ancient civilizations and white-washed seaside villages, then you’re not alone. A popular spot for honeymooners and history buffs alike, Greece might not be the first place you think of to actually live in, but if you’re looking for a warm climate, decent cost of living and plenty of character, it’s actually one of the best places to live in Europe

Paros, Greece

Greece unveiled its digital nomad visa quietly in September 2021, and it’s becoming a hot ticket for those looking for a life upgrade that comes with a Mediterranean backdrop. If you’re a U.S. citizen who has a remote job and is ready to move abroad, this might just be your golden ticket. Read on to learn all you need to know about Greece’s digital nomad visa. 

Digital nomad visa Greece

The pandemic brought with it the rise of digital nomad visas in Europe. While Greece had a few visa options for relocation, none of them were as enticing as their new digital nomad visa. This visa welcomes you to legally reside in Greece while working remotely. Whether you’re a freelancer, remote employee, or entrepreneur representing a foreign company, this is your best option for moving to Greece.

The initial remote work visa is valid for a year, and the good news is that you can renew it for an additional two years! That’s right; you could be enjoying the olive groves and turquoise waters for up to three years. Now let’s see what the requirements are for this visa. 

Greece digital nomad visa requirements

Making your Greek dream come true has never been easier! If you’re ready to kickstart your life in Greece, let’s dive into the requirements for the digital nomad visa. 

  1. Letter of intent
    A statement declaring that you will be working remotely and will not engage in any work for a Greek-based employer.
  2. Proof of remote work
    To be eligible for the Digital Nomad Visa, you will need to show documented evidence of remote work as a freelancer, remote employee, or entrepreneur for a company registered outside Greece. This can be done by providing a work contract or client contracts.
  3. Income minimum
    One of the key requirements for this visa is demonstrating financial stability. You must have a monthly income of at least €3,500/month to support yourself during your time in Greece.
  4. Proof of income
    You’ll need to provide proof of income, including work contract, bank statements or financial documents showing a steady stream of income.
  5. Address of accommodation
    You must provide a valid address where you will be staying in Greece. This address is crucial for registration and administrative purposes. You must have a rental contract for at least six months. 
  6. Health report
    To protect Greek healthcare services, you’ll need to submit a health report demonstrating that you are in good physical and mental health. This ensures you don’t have any conditions that may place an undue burden on the country’s medical resources.
  7. Health insurance
    You will need private health insurance. This can be a foreign or local policy. Many Greek residents also use the private system. Healthcare is extremely affordable, with some local plans starting as low as €45 a month.
  8. Criminal background check
    You must have a clean criminal record. The background check must be issued within three months prior to the submission of the visa application.

How to apply for the Greek digital nomad visa

Ready to take the plunge? You’ll need to fill out a visa application form and gather all the required documents. Head over to your local Greek embassy or consulate in the U.S. to apply. You can also submit your request via email or registered letter. You won’t have to wait long for an answer. The decision on your application is typically made within a 10-day window.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Greece digital nomad visa

Before we wrap up, let’s address some of the most frequently asked questions about the digital nomad visa for Greece that might be on your mind.

Can I apply for a digital nomad visa from Greece?

No. You must apply for the Greek digital nomad visa from a Greek consulate or embassy in your home country.

What is the fee to apply for the Greek digital nomad visa?

Greek Digital Nomad Fee: The application fee you’ll need to pay will be a total of €75 plus an administrative fee of €150 for each family member applying with you.

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What are the taxes for digital nomads in Greece?

If you reside in Greece for more than 183 days a year you will be considered a tax resident and will need to file taxes in Greece. However, Greece has a 50% reduction tax break that you would qualify for under this visa. This means you will only be liable to pay 50% of the tax rate.  

Can I bring dependents?

Yes! Great news, you can bring your spouse and children with you on this visa. They would be included as dependents on your application and the financial requirement increases by 20% for a spouse and 15% for each child. Which means the financial requirements with a spouse would be €4,200/month and a spouse and one dependent would be €4,830/month

Greece remote worker visa

A move to Greece is more possible than ever! Are you ready to pack your bags, grab your laptop, and soak in the Mediterranean vibes while your work remotely?. Your Greek odyssey is just an application away!

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