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Your Guide to Greece’s Digital Nomad Visa

Greece unveiled its digital nomad visa quietly in September 2021, and it’s becoming a hot ticket for those looking for a life upgrade that comes with a Mediterranean backdrop. If you’re a U.S. citizen who has a remote job and is ready to move abroad, this might just be your golden ticket. Read on to learn all you need to know about Greece’s digital nomad visa. 

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vespa in Italy

A Complete Guide to Living in Italy as an American

Buongiorno! Have you always dreamed of living in Italy? Where every corner reveals a masterpiece, and every meal is a symphony of flavors. If the idea of waking up to the beauty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites every day sounds like the life you’ve always craved, then let’s explore the possibilities of moving to Italy from the US!

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13 Most Affordable Places To Live In Europe (2024)

Living in Europe isn’t just for the rich. No matter the reason why you’re trying to ‘escape’ from the US, there’s a place for you in Europe that won’t break the bank. We did some digging and put together this fabulous list of the 13 most affordable places to live in Europe. Find out where you can get the most bang for your buck and live a life of ease!

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55 Practical Gifts for Someone Moving Abroad (That They’ll Love)

Is someone you love getting ready to move abroad? You might be wondering what to get and want to carefully consider the best gift for your special someone, you’re in the right place. Check out our guide of the 55 practical gifts for someone moving abroad. You’re guaranteed to find something they’ll love!

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The 14 Best Places to Live in Europe for Americans (2024)

Are you thinking of moving abroad? Europe is one of the most popular destinations for American but with so many fascinating choices, deciding on where to live in Europe requires some research to know what all your options. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help! Take a look at our list of the top places to live in Europe!

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Digital Nomad Visa Spain: Requirements for US Citizens

Spain’s digital nomad visa is new option for Americans wanting to live in Spain. In this article we’ll go over all the things you need to know from visa requirements, to the advantages and disadvantages of this visa, the two ways you can apply and the big and little “gotchas” that can stop you in your tracks if you’re not prepared. Come find out how you can get yourself to Spain with a Digital Nomad Visa!

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Work in Europe: The 8 Top Jobs in Europe for Americans (2024)

Finding work in Europe as an American can feel like a pipe dream. While scoring a job isn’t easy, the good news is that it’s not impossible! You just need to know where to look and what to look for. Come learn what sectors have the best shot in our list of the 8 top jobs in Europe for Americans!

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Why You Can’t Work From Anywhere When You Work Remotely

Are you frustrated by having a remote job that you could technically do from anywhere but your company’s work from home policy is “Anywhere, USA”. The truth is, most remote gigs come with location and time zone restrictions and for good reason. If you’re curious about why you can’t work remotely overseas and want tips on how to work remotely from another country, dive in and keep reading!

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