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Work in Europe: Top Jobs in Europe for Americans

Many Americans dream of working in Europe, but find that turning the dream into a reality is often harder than they thought. While getting a job in Europe isn’t easy, the good news is that it’s not impossible! You just need to know where the job are and more importantly what jobs are in demand. Learn about the 8 top jobs in Europe for Americans!

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How to Get a European Work Visa if You’re from the US

Want to work in Europe but not sure how to get a job? European work visas can be difficult to come by but out of 44 European countries there are some where you’ll have a better shot of getting hired! Come learn about the 10 easiest work permit countries in Europe!

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15 Truths About Dating Someone in Another Country

Dating someone in another country is a fun and exciting experience because it lends a novel touch to your relationship and can take you out of your comfort zone. Be ready for a whole lot of differences that you may not expect!

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How to Get Irish Citizenship by Descent

Do you have a parent or grandparent that was born Ireland? If so, you may qualify for Irish citizenship by descent! Find out how to qualify, what happens next…and have the coveted maroon passport in your mailbox sooner than you’d think.

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Top 8 Teach English in Spain Programs

Are you looking for an excuse to live abroad but not so pumped about the idea of blowing through your savings? Fortunately, Spain has numerous paid English teaching programs, that will let you earn money and sip on sangria….well, maybe just not at the same time.

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15 Tips for Finding Love Abroad

If you’ve been in the dating game for a while and you feel like you have gone through all the apps and been set up by every well-meaning friend and coworker you have, you might want to change your dating strategy. Would you ever consider looking for love abroad? 

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How to Plan an Adult Gap Year

It’s a common misconception that the only time you can take a gap year is immediately before, during, or after college. But did you know that there is still plenty of opportunity to take a gap year well into your 30s, 40s (and beyond), even with an established life and career? Learn how you can plan your adult gap year!

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The Best Places to Live in Europe for American Expats in 2023

Are you thinking of moving abroad? Europe is one of the most popular destinations for American but with so many fascinating choices, deciding on where to live in Europe requires some research to know what all your options. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help! Take a look at our list of the top places to live in Europe!

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