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The Best Travel Groups for Solo Female Travelers

The Best Travel Groups for Solo Female Travelers

Traveling solo as a woman is a liberating experience, but it can come with hesitation. You may have asked yourself, is it safe where I’m going? What if I get lonely? Don’t I need friends to travel? Especially if it is your first time traveling solo you may have a ton of questions; one of the most common ones is how to connect with other women abroad as a solo female traveler.

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How to Meet Other Solo Female Travelers

Great news! There are numerous ways you can meet other like-minded solo female travelers. You can join groups on social media, attend virtual or in-person events, or speak with locals and ask around. The best way to connect with other solo female travelers is by joining social groups. Facebook is home to the best, however, if you don’t have Facebook or use it often, don’t worry. You can also connect with these groups by joining their newsletters directly from their blog, that way you can still stay up to date and connect with others. Let’s explore the best groups to be a part of for their inspiration and supportive environment!

The Best Travel Groups for Solo Female Travelers

Digital Nomad Girls 

Founded in 2015 by Jenny Lachs, DNG is a community for location independent women spread across the globe. Their sole mission is to connect and inspire other women who are interested in becoming a digital nomad. They send a weekly newsletter where you can stay up to date on events, blog posts, and Facebook group posts that’s full of inspiration and guidance. 

Join the Digital Nomad Girls Facebook group here.

Blaxit Tribe

Blaxit Tribe is a community for Black Americans who are seeking to move out of the U.S. or have already moved abroad. This 18,000 member strong group gives guidance and support to Black women (and men) who want to do the same. They also share great resources to help find the country that best suits you.

Join the Blaxit Tribe Facebook group here.

Solo Female Travelers 

One of the biggest travel groups for solo female travelers, Solo Female Travelers boasts over 100,000 members and they are claimed to be the oldest English speaking group for women who travel solo. Members are all located all over the world and are inspiring women everywhere to travel solo. You’ll find countless helpful posts and articles throughout their blog and Facebook group.

Join the Solo Female Travelers Facebook group here.

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The Solo Female Traveler Network

Very similar to the previous group, the Solo Female Traveler Network prides itself on connecting solo females from around the world and bringing them together. They share tips on important travel skills and aim to provide support to women who wish to pursue or are pursuing solo travel.

Join the Solo Female Traveler Network community here. 

Girl Gone International 

Girl Gone International (GGI) is geared toward women  who have picked up their life (or plan to) and move abroad, long-term or short-term. Moving to a new country is daunting, and doing it alone is terrifying. By being a part of the GGI community, you can easily connect with other women who have traveled long-term or moved abroad, gain perspective and maybe even a great friendship!

With a community of over 500,000+ and local communities in over 200 cities, you’re sure to find a friend!

Join the Girl Gone International Facebook group

Nomadness Travel Tribe

Curated specifically for Black and Brown nomadic women, Nomadness is a travel and lifestyle community that represents the underrepresented demographics in the travel world. Their mission is to show that travel has no boundaries or limitations and is available to absolutely anyone.


Join the Nomadness Facebook group here.

She Hit Refresh 

Yours truly! She Hit Refresh (SHR) is specifically for women over 30 who want to break free from a life of routine and start a life of travel—think move abroad or long-term travel. Our online community is almost 8,000 members strong! We also have a podcast that provides insight and first person perspective of members’ journeys of living abroad and long-term travel.


Visit our Facebook group here and join the She Hit Refresh community, we’d love to have you!

Pride Girls Love Travel 

Pride Girls Travel is a large sub-group of Girls Love Travel where members of the LGBTQ+ community can come together and share experiences about traveling the world. Chat, discuss, and connect with fellow members around the globe.


Visit the Pride Girls Love Travel Facebook  group here.


Sisterhood is the name of the game with Wanderful. Wanderful is a travel community that helps women travel the world by connecting them to each other. Their goal is to form long-lasting relationships and empower women by connecting virtually and in-person. Their community-wide events are not ones to miss! There are also plenty of resouces for women who work in the travel industry too!

Join the Wanderful Facebook group here.

Travel Latina 

Join this globetrotting network of Latinas whose passion is all things travel. Members include Latinas who do short-term travel, long-term travel, and have lived abroad, so it’s a great community to be a part of if you are a traveling Latina in any walk of life. Start a discussion, get ideas, and connect with other Latinas who love to explore!


Visit Travel Latina’s Facebook group here.

She Explores

She Explores is a  community that “that celebrates curiosity in the outdoors.” It’s a community for women who are interested in exploring nature and all things outdoors. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, She Explores will inspire and instill confidence to explore the beauty of this magical world. 


Join the She Explores Facebook group here.

We are Travel Girls 

Founded in 2016 and one of the most well-known travel groups out there, We Are Travel Girls, is the women’s travel group that creates, inspires, and motivates women of all ages, shapes and colors to get out there and explore. They share daily travel inspiration and regularly move off line to connect in-person for meetups in cities all over the world.


Join the We are Travel Girls Facebook group here. 

Latinas Who Travel | Latinas Que Viajan 

Similar to Travel Latina, Latinas Who Travel is a bilingual women-only community that shares top travel tips, unique experiences and stories, and shares Latin culture through various outlets. Their mission is to help others discover the transformative power that is travel.

Join the Latinas Who Travel Facebook group here.

Women Who Travel (Women 40+) 

Women Who Travel 40+ edition is for women over 40 years old who have a knack for travel. You get to discuss anything from photo tips to itineraries and gain perspective from seasoned women from all over. Join over 12,000 women and discover places to meet new friends and join meetups in other countries. 


Visit the Women Who Travel +40 Facebook group here.

Looking for additional resources? Check out our digital book I’m Outta Here! An American’s Ultimate Visa Guide to Living in Europe which includes the best Facebook groups in 36 cities European cities for women, LGBTQIA+, Black travelers, moms, and more. 

These travel groups for solo female travelers are the best resources out there for travel-loving women. You have endless opportunities to connect with solo females, like yourself, around the world and in every stage of life. Don’t let the fear of going solo stop you from exploring. You are not alone!

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