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The 9 Best Coliving Spaces in Spain

The 9 Best Coliving Spaces in Spain

With the rise of remote work and digital nomadism over the past years, coliving has been fast growing. Coliving attracts professionals who love to travel, value new experiences and create community with like-minded people. Patrons of colivng tend to be a self-selecting bunch—fascinating and ambitious people who have chosen coliving in order to get work done while exploring the world. 

Spain is already one of the top destinations in Europe to vacation, move, and retire and has been attracting remote workers and digital nomads. Given that Spain has catered to this crowd with numerous unique coliving spaces, some of which are ranked the best in the world.  If you’re interested in exploring this fascinating country through coliving, keep reading to learn more about the 9 best coliving Spaces in Spain!

Palafrugell, Spain

What is coliving in Spain like?

Think of coliving as coworking meets communal living. Coliving spaces are houses or apartments with shared common spaces and activities. The shared spaces generally include a kitchen, living room, and designated work spaces with reliable WiFi. It’s somewhat like a fancy hostel and similar to hostels, accommodation can range from a private ensuite room for ultimate comfort to the more budget-friendly option of shared rooms with bunk beds.

Coliving attracts slower travelers, limiting a revolving door of people and helping to foster a sense of community. Most places have a minimum stay of one week, but many travelers opt to stay for weeks or months at one location. They are a great option in Spain for short or long-term stays as the rental market is quite competitive and expensive (thanks to Airbnb). Staying at one can save you the time, money, and effort of dealing with an agency, numerous documents, and additional stressful costs. 

Why choose Spain for coliving?

Some of Spain’s biggest appeals are endless sunshine, stunning scenery, spectacular food and a vibrant culture. Many digital nomads come here for the warm winters, and some for the sweltering summers, and more and more foreigners come to stay long-term. 


Spain is far from homogeneous when it comes to cultural diversity and topography. Each corner of Spain is unique and has something different to offer from the verdant, lush north to the Moorish-influenced south to colorful Catalonia and the biodiverse Canary Islands just to name a few. Transportation within cities and across the country is well-connected and inexpensive and it’s a convenient jumping off point to discover the rest of Europe. 

Coliving in Spain is affordable as is the cost of living, which means eating out, entertainment, groceries, etc. won’t break the bank. Work-life balance in Spain is very existent. Whether you make coliving friends or make friends with locals, enjoying life will definitely be a priority. Plus, since Spain is a popular destination, you’ll meet people from all over the world as well as get to explore some of the most stunning places in Europe. 

The 9 best coliving spaces in Spain

Sun and Co. in Javea (Valencia)

Along the Mediterranean coast and a short ferry ride away from Ibiza, the town of Javea on Spain’s Costa Blanca is every beach lover’s dream. Started in 2015, Sun and Co was voted ‘Best Community and User Experience’ by co-living awards in 2021.

Sun and Co. is a bright and airy, renovated 19th century house in the city center and its quite affordable to stay in this four-story-high building with floor-to-ceiling windows. Community takes center stage here with a weekly “family meeting” where everyone gathers to learn about the events and activities during the week, and to schedule skillshare and mastermind sessions which are based on the needs and knowledge of house members. It’s a collaborative space that allows you to not only work alongside inspiring people but to learn from them too.

If you’re looking for a perfect balance of sun, sea, and work then Sun & Co Javea is for you. Visit their website for reviews and pricing.

sun and co

Sende in Lobeira (Galicia)

Located in one of Spain’s greenest regions, Galicia, Sende is a rural coliving space— in a town of 20 people—just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Portuguese border. This mountain house is best enjoyed in the summertime from June – September. It’s a one of Spain’s top rated coliving spaces due to laid-back vibe, natural surroundings, proximity to Portugal, and hiking adventures. 


You can stay a minimum of one week and a max of one month, the perfect option for someone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle and overstimulation of life (and travel).  Find out more on their website.

Kalart in Montseny Natural Park (Barcelona)

Kalart lives by its slogan “connecting creative talent to deliver value to society” and describes itself as a coliving for changemakers and knowmads. This property located in the countryside of Barcelona in a Bohemian village offers more of a holistic experience than your average coliving space.

Nature is integral to the Kalart experience, this coliving has a permaculture garden and uses their own vegetables for meals, including the daily multicultural group lunch. There is a multipurpose space that is often used for meditation, yoga, dance, and performances. Each guest gets a private room, coworking desk, and you can even get personal mentoring during your stay.

Connect with Kalart here to get a quote. 

RePeople Co-Living in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

Famous for its golden beaches, Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands is where you’ll find Repeople Coliving. Set among 5 different properties- a penthouse, mansion, villa, apartment, and boutique hotel- all located in the capital city of Las Palmas. A designated coworking space is located within walking distance of all properties and you’ll have 24/7 access. 


Repeople hosts bi-monthly events such as bbqs, movie-nights, hikes, yoga lessons, surf lessons and more! For more information and to check rates check out their website

Nine Coliving in Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Located on the northern side of Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands. These islands boast great weather all year round, it’s never too hot or cold. The northern part of the island is much greener and mountainous than that of the dry and desert-like south. Nine Coliving is in the historic town of La Orotava and has views of the sea and the island’s volcano, el Teide. 

Nine Coliving is a space equipped with high speed internet, a schedule of fun activities like daily yoga on the roof and a free Sunday BBQ, and best of all a house dog! Minimum stays are 7 nights and they offer weekly and monthly discounts. Find more information about the space here.


Amarilla in Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Amarilla Coliving is located in both the northern and  southern side of Tenerife. Head north if you’re into the lush vegetation, the outdoors, and hiking but if you’re a beachgoer head south for sunnier, dryer, and warmer temperatures.

The north location is more like a hotel so we suggest spending your time south. In the south Amarilla actually has a selection of 3 houses where you can stay, each with private and shared rooms. Among the properties you’ll find amenities such as a jacuzzi, pool, BBQ grill, game room, and more! The workspace is located at a separate location close to all three properties. 


Perks to staying here are the free surf lessons, free yoga, social meetups, and workshops. Stays here average 750/month or around €40/day depending on the location and room type; capitalize on discounted longer stays. Head to their website for more information.  

Urban Campus in Madrid

Spain’s electric capital, Madrid, is the perfect place to start (or end!) a coliving journey. If you enjoy big cities, Madrid has endless offerings in terms of culture, food, and nightlife—this is the real city that never sleeps. 


Urban Campus’ tagline is “We redefine the way we live together in cities, through people-centric buildings in Europe.” The colivings spaces mentioned above are all houses but Urban Campus is housed in buildings in the city center. There are two locations in the neighborhoods of Malasaña and Chamberí, and two more buildings opening in the fall of 2022 in Delicias and Cuatro Caminos as well as a location in Valencia opening soon!  

You can book rooms, studios, or entire apartments depending on your budget. Visit their website and more details about each property here.

Vivarium Coliving in Valencia

Valencia, located on Spain’s sunny, eastern coast, is where you’ll find Vivarium Coliving. Live, work, and connect in one of the most popular digital nomad cities in the country. 

This coliving space is set in a beautiful home in a historical building in the heart of the city. All rooms, individual and double, have private bathrooms and the shared areas consist of a kitchen, library room, and a living room. The workspace is situated offsite in a coworking space,  3-minutes away, where you’ll have a fixed desk and reliable WiFi. 


They take an organic approach to weekly activities, so they can vary quite a bit depending on the group at the house but you can expect a family dinner, skillshares and many events in town to check-out with your new coliving friends. 

Reach out to Vivarium for a direct quote on your stay.

valencia, spain

MyCO Living in Valencia

MyCo Living has garnered many positive reviews about its comfort, quality, cleanliness, community, and location of its 3 coliving locations. Two locations are apartment buildings while their PQ7 is a house located near the old town. Depending on the location you can choose from shared or private rooms or a private studio and each location has a shared kitchen, living room, terrace, and a work space.

This coliving seems to have a more relaxed approach to community events, letting the group manage their free time as they please but the owners are always available to provide suggestions and keep colivers informed as to what’s on in the city. Minimum stays are one month and they offer special rates for longer stays. 

Check out their
website for more information.  

Our personal coliving experience in Spain

I’ve only had the chance to try out Sun and Co. in Javea and my experience was so great that I have now been there 3 times! 

It was recommended to me by a friend and although I live in Spain and have traveled extensively around the country I had never head of this charming coastal town—if you’re looking to move to Spain be sure to check out our complete guide to living in Spain.  My first time at Sun and Co. was in 2017 after I scored my first remote job. I embraced the digital nomad life and took my work on the road with me but quickly faced many challenges that made it hard to work. I learned that just because your accommodation claims to have WiFi doesn’t mean the connection will be reliable.

Chasing internet by hopping from cafe to cafe when you’re trying to maintain an eight-hour workday wastes a lot of time and causes unnecessary stress. Even if you do have reliable WiFi in your room, many places are not set up for work. Sitting in bed gets uncomfortable and if you’re lucky enough to have a desk, you may not have an outlet nearby.

javea, spain

There had to be a better way and coliving was it! Upon arriving to  Sun and Co.with I was met with a big smile by Jon, one of the co-founders. His cheerful energy instantly made me feel welcome as I walked into the house. As Jon gave me the tour, I was greeted by other coliving guests. Their ages ranged from mid-20s to late-40s. Some had recently arrived while others were reaching the end of their stint.


Although it was a Saturday, there were still people working; I knew that I would be able to focus and get some work done here. People sat in the designated work areas, which were set up for success with reliable WiFi, desks, comfortable chairs, table lamps, and even a stand-up desk, while others hung out in the living room and outdoor area.


I followed Jon to the fourth floor where he showed me my room. I booked a shared room on a women-only floor. Like the rest of the house, the room was spacious and bright, and overlooked the patio. The room consisted of of four bunk beds, however I only shared the room with one other person and she left two days after I arrived leaving the whole room to me. The most memorable part was the bottle of wine and welcome card waiting for me on my bed. The shared showers and bathroom were located on the same floor. They were spacious, modern and clean.


I ventured back downstairs to chat with everyone. Socializing happens in the communal areas and is concentrated around the kitchen and the patio. The kitchen was modern, spacious, and fully equipped, with multiple sinks, refrigerators, and microwaves.  

Sun and Co - Room 412-7

I’m a hyper-social person and love meeting new people, so I was a little concerned about my self-control in the house and if I would be distracted by all these interesting people. The beauty of co-living is that everyone prioritizes their work so you don’t have to feel guilty about spending a substantial amount of time working.

Still, co-living is about community. Every Monday night there is a “family meeting” where everyone gathers to learn about the events and activities during the week, and to schedule skillshare and mastermind sessions which are based on the needs and knowledge of house members. It’s a collaborative space that allows you to not only work alongside inspiring people but to learn from them too.

In addition to the house, people, and activities, there was also Javea, a small town that provides an authentic taste of Spain, including warm weather and the sea. The old city is quaint there are tons of restaurants and bars along the coast overlooking turquoise water.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Sun and Co., I learned from the people that I met, and left feeling inspired. I got a lot of work done and was able to explore a bit of Spain at the same time. I’ll definitely go back again, as many people do!

Best coliving spaces in Spain

As Spain gains its footing in the world of remote work and digital nomadism, more co-living spaces are sure to pop up. Starting or continuing your coliving adventure in Spain is a great option to not only meet incredible people but also explore this country’s beautiful country and culture. Whether you prefer rural, inland, beach-front, or a bustling atmosphere, there’s a co-living space for you in Spain! 


And if you’re interested in moving to Spain be sure to grab your copy of I’m Outta Here! An American’s Ultimate Visa Guide to Living in Europe.  

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