Cepee Tabibian

A citizen of the world, Cepee was born and raised in the U.S. by a Colombian mother and Iranian father. While Houston, Texas will always be home, she relocated to her favorite country in the world, Spain, in 2015. A former running and yoga addict with a slight obsession for people and podcasts, Cepee loves jumping feet first into the unknown and encouraging others do the same. If not now, then when?! She is the Founder of She Hit Refresh.

The Best Places to Live in Europe for American Expats in 2023

Are you thinking of moving abroad? Europe is one of the most popular destinations for American but with so many fascinating choices, deciding on where to live in Europe requires some research to know what all your options. If you’re not sure where to start, we’re here to help! Take a look at our list of the top places to live in Europe!

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The 9 Best Coliving Spaces in Spain

Spain is one of the top destinations in Europe to vacation, work, and retire and given the rise of remote work, it has also been attracting remote workers and digital nomads. If you’re interested in exploring this fascinating country through coliving, keep reading to learn more about the 9 best coliving Spaces in Spain!

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Work from Home Tips: How to Adjust, Stay Focused & Be Productive

Welcome to the world of remote work! Isn’t it interesting how employers who were once resistant to letting employees work from home, have magically found a way to make it work? If you’re new to WFH, just know that you may feel ungrounded in the beginning but you and your team will soon find a rhythm that feels comfortable. 

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2010s: Rising from the Ashes. A Decade in Review

Before I impose my hopes and dreams on this year, I want to take some time to look back and reflect, not just at 2019, but the last 10 years. This decade was my own personal reinvention tour: I rose from the ashes not once but twice, and found my feet by the end of 2019. Join me as I get personal in this decade in review.

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Member Spotlight – Jodi

This is a very special edition of Member Spotlight. Today we will be sharing the story of Jodi Cullen, one of the original members of

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