Faith Franzonia

Faith is a freelance writer, ESL teacher, and visual artist from New Jersey living in Madrid. When she isn’t typing away in a Google Doc or teaching modal verbs, Faith can be found drawing, planning her next volunteer trip, or rifling through the pants section at the thrift store.

15 Advantages of Living Abroad

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live abroad? Whether you’re considering a move to Spain, France, Australia, or another country, living abroad offers a multitude of advantages that can transform your life in remarkable ways. Read more about the 15 advantages of living abroad!

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how to move abroad without a job

How to Move to Another Country Without a Job

Dreaming of moving abroad but worried about not having a job? Discover the various paths available to make your overseas move a reality. From volunteering and study programs to non-lucrative visas and freelancing opportunities, explore the strategies for moving to another country without having a job lined up.

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woman staining in front of house in spain - featured image

Top 8 Teach English in Spain Programs

Are you looking for an excuse to live abroad but not so pumped about the idea of blowing through your savings? Fortunately, Spain has numerous paid English teaching programs, that will let you earn money and sip on sangria….well, maybe just not at the same time.

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