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Ep 23 | Stumbling upon Your Passion. What Happens When You Discover Your Purpose and Decide to Change Careers​

Ep 23 | Stumbling upon Your Passion. What Happens When You Discover Your Purpose and Decide to Change Careers

In this episode we’ll talk to two women in their 40s who started a whole new career path and found a way to take their work online. Kelly Rodriguez shares how she went from marketer to a grade school teacher to a fully remote job in education! While she hasn’t relocated yet, she found a way to untether her life, take her work with her on the road, and spend summers in Spain. Not every refresh means moving half-way across the world. 


Bonni Wildesen Hise found her refresh when she lost 100 pounds and went from working as an event planner to becoming a health practitioner. She shares her journey of weight loss and how that changed her life’s possibilities. 

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What We Discuss

  • Changing career paths from marketer to educator
  • How to take your brick and mortar teaching job 100% online
  • Making leaps in life at any age
  • What it’s like to have a summer home in Spain
  • Manifestation and creating a life you love
  • The power of community and building relationships to help you realize your dreams
  • Following your curiosity to find your passion
  • The freedom that comes with aging
  • How hitting refresh doesn’t always mean moving to the to the other side of the world
  • The weight loss journey and how that can change your life’s possibilities
  • Becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritionist, and Fitness Trainer 
  • Traveling with pets

About Kelly

Kelly is a former marketer turned educator with a passion for personal development in the form of lifestyle design. After twenty years in a traditional classroom, she refreshed her career in teaching to work 100% remotely with high school students in Europe who are earning a second high school diploma here in the U.S.

In addition to teaching, she has dabbled in writing and public speaking, and most recently, spoke a women’s conference leading guests through an activity in visualization and goal setting. She and her husband spend part of every year in northwest Spain, where they plan to set up a home base while they travel and enjoy the flexibility of a remote career. Kelly is a language learner, a lover of all things food, and a morning routine enthusiast.

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About Bonnie

Bonni’s first refresh occurred just after spending her 30th birthday, and the two weeks following, snowed in by a blizzard.  That was when she realized she had to do something different. While she was there for everyone else, she neglected herself. Six months later she left D.C., landing in Southern California.  With a fresh, new world, she finally lost 100 lbs. and improved her health significantly. This led to becoming a trainer and nutrition coach. What followed was a series of refreshes while she sought her purpose and place in health.  


Years later, she had to fight an unknown enemy that was making her sick and destroying her face with cystic acne. Turns out the culprit was food allergies and many other sensitivities. After dealing with the frustration of identification and figuring out how to eat, she realized how misinformed the general public was about how food affects us.  Knowing another refresh was pending, she earned a degree in alternative medicine and began a mission to dispel misinformation and lies about diet and food sources. She hopes to be part of the movement helping others eat healthier and reduce the growing number of inflammatory and metabolic issues in the world.


Connect with Bonnie on her website Living Kleen, or on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Check out her podcast Living Kleen.

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