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Ep 26 | Moving to Madrid! How a Move Abroad Helped These Women Refine Their Sense of Self​

Ep 26 | Moving to Madrid! How a Move Abroad Helped These Women Refine Their Sense of Self

Are you thinking of Moving to Madrid? In this episode we hear from two friends of mine who I met in this magical city. Both left North America to see what Spain had in store for them and by moving abroad they’ve been able to redefine their lives. 


First we’ll hear from Lisa Letto, a 49 year young Canadian who left a life of convention to teach English in Madrid.  Along the way she’s been able to start her own business and has no plans of moving back. Then we’ll hear from Khephra Alejandro White who is from the U.S and 40 years young! Buckle up as she shares the challenges of living- and dating -in Madrid as an African-American woman; and shares how Spain sparked her creativity. 

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What We Discuss

  • What it’s like to move to Madrid in your 40s!
  • Leaving a life of convention and making the brave decision to move abroad
  • Teaching English in Madrid – what is the Auxiliar program 
  • What is a freelance visa and how to start a business in Spain?
  • Join SpainGuru a Facebook group that helps foreigners with immigration and residency questions in Spain
  • Moving to Spain at 34
  • The challenges of living in Spain
  • Dating in Madrid as an African-American woman
  • How the dating world can be cruel and why it’s ok to take a break
  • Join Melanin Madrid a Facebook group in Madrid for people of color
  • How moving to abroad can spark your creativity

About Lisa

After following the traditional path in Canada for 25 years (Bachelor and Master of Science in Dietetics, followed by an MBA and then working 12 years in direct marketing in the financial sector), Lisa hit refresh by moving to Spain in 2013, at the age of 43. She always wanted to do something “different” and be her own boss. After two years as a language assistant, she obtained her work permit (one year earlier than normal) to work as a freelance English teacher and soon created a niche specializing in Medical English (combining her previous experience and education in a surprising way that she didn’t expect).


Since then, Lisa and her team have been helping medical professionals in Spain attain the level of English they need to achieve various professional goals including presenting at international conferences throughout Europe and North America, actively participating in international meetings and clinical trials, publishing their research, completing a fellowship abroad, or working as a licensed medical professional in an English-speaking country. 

Regularly pinching herself to make sure she isn’t dreaming, she loves building her business but also practising and improving her Spanish, travelling, salsa dancing, and helping others with the Spanish immigration process.

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About Khephra

Khephra White is a comedian, writer, actress, and occasional musician from New Orleans, LA. A series of unfortunate events inspired her to hit refresh at the age of 34. Since then, it’s been 6 years filled with new experiences, new food, new adventures in dating (ugh!), and ZERO regrets! She hasn’t looked back yet, and doesn’t plan to. You can find her in the kitchen (she’s a bomb cook, y’all), on her yoga mat, on the dance floor, relaxing on a nice terrace while plotting world domination and ways to dismantle the patriarchy, or knitting – because variety is important.

Khephra also believes in community… not too much community because she values alone time. She’s constantly busy, in a hurry, and always finding new projects to work on… even when she’s not looking for them. “Sites like She Hit Refresh are things I wish existed when I decided to take a flying leap into the unknown. I believe that it’s not just a privilege to contribute to communities that encourage others to make positive changes – it’s my duty.”

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