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Ep 18 | Living Life on Purpose. How to Ditch Your Desk and Become a Full Time Traveler​

Ep 18 | Living Life on Purpose. How to Ditch Your Desk and Become a Full Time Traveler

Have you ever felt there must be more to life than a 9-5, or even 9-9 to pay the bills and keep up with the Jonses? In this episode we hear from two courageous women who ditched the desk to live a more purposeful life and hit the road with their husbands for full time travel.

Ellen McGregor Kortan hit refresh in her 40s and found a way to travel full time on just $24,000 a year, for two people! Tara Marlow moved back to Australia, and with her daughter in college, finally started a life of travel, something she had long planned to do. Both women had wake-up calls which reinforced the truth that tomorrow is not guaranteed. They took action and started living life on purpose. 

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What We Discuss

  • Leaving a 40+ hour a week office job for a life of freedom and full time travel
  • How to retire early by making smart saving choices
  • Traveling the world for 2 on $24,000 a year budget
  • Slow travel and the long-term Airbnb accommodation discount
  • Getting diagnosed with breast cancer abroad and treatment in a foreign country
  • A virtual friendship with Jodi Cullen
  • Transitioning from a career as a project manager to becoming a writer and photographer
  • Hitting refresh with a family
  • Saving $15,000 via house sitting
  • House sitting with Trusted House sitters
  • Losing loved ones and the wake-up call to live life on purpose

About Ellen

Early retired budget travel Goddess; breast cancer warrior.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram @vagabondspirit, and her website Earth Vagabonds

About Tara

Tara Marlow is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, a travel blogger and a photographer. Tara ditched the desk in 2011, emptied the nest in 2017 and now travels the world full time, inspiring others, like herself, to do the same. Her philosophy is straightforward: Live life on purpose. 

In between writing a (fiction) novel, publishing some short stories, working on a second (non-fiction) novel and running an online business, Tara has explored some amazing places, housesitting as she goes.  


She embarked on a 10-month road trip through Australia in 2017. In 2018, she road tripped solo through New Zealand; Drove from San Francisco to L.A., across to Texas via the Grand Canyon and Santa Fe, and then north to Chicago. She spent five days exploring Iceland with her husband before travelling solo again to Europe, to walking the 800km long Camino de Santiago; Tara then spent three weeks in Japan, before heading back to Australia to reunite with her husband, finishing the year exploring Western Canada and the NW United States.  


In 2019, the adventures continued: The first three months of the year were exploring Tasmania (Australia), the English countryside, Paris, before she walked a second Camino Wander with her husband this time, and afterward, spent a few weeks enjoying the European summer. Now they are back in Tasmania, to work out what’s next. 


Follow her on Facebook, Instagram @travelfarenough, Pinterest, LinkedIn and her website Travel Far Enough. 

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