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Ep 19 | Corporate Runaways! Leaving the U.S. for Spain to Escape the Rat Race and Build a New Life ​

Ep 19 | Corporate Runaways! Leaving the U.S. for Spain to Escape the Rat Race and Build a New Life

In today’s episode I interview two friends of mine that I met in Madrid. Both women are in their 30s, both hit refresh to escape the rat race and build a new life in Madrid. 

First we’ll talk to Kelly Flowers, a former retail buyer turned English teacher who makes the most of living abroad and her holiday-filled teaching scheduled. Fun fact: Kelly and I were roommates last year! Next up we have Becca Crespo, a New Yorker who wanted something more out of life than the constant work-grind, moved to Madrid, found love and created a whole new lifestyle for herself. 

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What We Discuss

  • Leaving the rat race of corporate America for a better work-life balance in Spain
  • What’s it like to be an English teaching assistant in Spain
  • Interested in becoming a language assistant? Check out our article on How to Teach English in Spain
  • How to balance a life abroad and staying in touch with family back home
  • What kind of visa options there for foreigners to live in Spain
  • The pros and cons of living in Madrid
  • Learning a foreign language, it’s a lot more difficult than you think!
  • The incredible healthcare system in Spain
  • Insight to an African-American woman’s experience in Spain and abroad
  • How to make the leap from the corporate world to freelancing
  • Why community is so important

About Kelly

Kelly Flowers has lived many places in the USA (eight states and countless addresses) but considers Columbus, Ohio her hometown although Brooklyn, New York has her heart. These constant moves as a child has driven her wanderlust and adventurous spirit.

She currently resides in Madrid, Spain and has used her new European home base as a way to travel more frequently. With nearly 60 countries visited and many more on the short list Kelly keeps herself busy traveling, teaching English, enjoying a nice bourbon or vermouth, and being with friends.

Learn more about Kelly and other teaching assistants in our Member Spotlight series.

About Becca

I’m a copywriter and content creator, with a focus of bringing creativity to paper through storytelling and supplying small businesses and entrepreneurs with the content they need to provide value to their brand. Fed up with the whirlwinds of the corporate cycle, I decided to pack up my life in NYC three years ago and fulfill my lifelong dream of travel and living abroad.

Follow her on Instagram @basicsbybecca, Pinterest, and on her sites Basics by Becca and Minimalism Made Simple

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