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Ep 52 | What It’s Like to Become an (Unintentional) Digital Nomad in Your 60s! with Siobhan Farr

Ep 52 | What It's Like to Become an (Unintentional) Digital Nomad in Your 60s! with Siobhan Farr

Welcome to Season 4 of the She Hit Refresh podcast.  A podcast for women age 30 and up who want to break free from routine and start a life of travel. Specifically women who want to move abroad or travel the world long-term. I sit down with women who have made their refresh dreams come true and discuss how and why they moved abroad or hit the road to travel.

In this episode I speak with Siobhan Farr who is 65 years young! In early 2020, right before the pandemic, she was embarking on her solo adventure of ‘6 Countries x 6 Months’ in her 60s! She had planned to spend 3 weeks in Ecuador but due to the pandemic that turned into 13 months! She became an unIntentional Digital Nomad which led her to start Digital Nomads Beyond 50; an online community for people in their late 40s+ who are currently travel/working, planning to, or just curious.

What we discuss
  • How and why she embarked on her 6 countries in 6 months at 60
  • What it was like to get be in Ecuador for 13 months during the pandemic
  • How she became an unintentional nomad
  • How she makes a living as a digital nomad
  • Her advice for women 50+ who feel like it’s too late to change their life
  • Her community Digital Nomads Beyond 50
  • and much more!

About Siobhan

In 2019 she started selling off 30 years of her Dallas, Texas life to begin her nomad years on 4 March 2020. Siobhan was looking forward to adding new countries to the 34 she had already visited. However, the pandemic locked her in the first destination of her ‘6 Countries x 6 Months’ 2020 itinerary. Those initial three weeks in Ecuador stretched to 13 months!

As a result, Siobhan pivoted her plans to market and manage her business full-time remotely; she became an Unintentional Digital Nomad. In search of others who are older Location Independents, her personal experience growing a meet-up to 1300 members led her to become the Spark Originator of Digital Nomads Beyond 50.

DNB50 is an online community for people in their late 40s+ who currently travel/work, plan to, or are just curious about this life. She turned to her previous profession in corporate Learning & Development to organize the DNB50 Virtual Summit June 2021, 30+ topics presented by 28 experts. This June in Medellin, Colombia she’ll host the first Digital Nomad CoLiveWork specifically designed for older nomads!

Siobhan is truly a home-free Digital Nomad. She has no permanent base; her home is wherever I lay my head on the pillow that night.  

September – December she’s back in Dallas to work in-person Medicare and ObamaCare Annual Enrollment. The other eight months of the year, from various global locations, she serves her clients via internet.

As a multi-income steam entrepreneur, she publishes the travel blog Bronze Abroad Nomad and, via Amazon, The Ultimate Digital Nomad Travel Planner + Journal series. As a solo Digital Nomad in her 60s, and a woman of color, Siobhan want to inspire others to banish the belief that it’s too late to reinvent themselves. Flip the page, the future is still unwritten!

Connect with Siobhan on her website Digital Nomads Beyond 50 and join her Facebook group

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