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COVID-19 & Travel: Redefining Your Plans in Uncertain Times

Ways to rethink life changing travel plans when the world shuts down

Even though COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty in the world, it does not mean that life needs to be put on hold. If you feel the same way and are wondering how to rethink your big plans for the future when everything has come to a halt, check out the following tips for redefining your pending refresh  during this time.


Although you might have to look at your upcoming plans a little differently, it does not mean they need to be thrown out the window.

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Practice Self-Care

I strongly believe that before you can do; you need to be. Therefore, taking care of your mental and physical health are critical first steps to redefining your refresh in uncertain times. For me, establishing a routine and doing my best to stay grounded have been key self-care practices. 

By creating structure in my day, I give myself space to focus on my overall health. Oprah and Deepak Chopra run 21-day meditations which also include the option to journal. This is a fantastic tool for taking care of yourself. Calm and Headspace are also two popular meditation apps worth checking out for this type of support. 

If you are in need of an objective sounding board to process your uncertainty, BetterHelp offers online counseling with licensed professionals. She Hit Refresh recognizes the importance of mental health care and has partnered with BetterHelp; get 10% off when you sign up with our link. 

When uncontrollable change happens, it’s important to make healthy food choices and exercise your body. Search the internet and you’ll find plenty of nutritious recipes to inspire you during this uncertain time. Another free favorite that’s helped me stay balanced as I navigate my plans is following Zumba classes on YouTube and checking out the latest video from Yoga with Adriene. 

Upon practicing self-care, the emotions you might feel due to being unsure of what the future may bring should ideally subside. Incorporating meditation and exercise into my routine has allowed me to feel more grounded. Hence, I now realize it’s not a matter of if my plans will happen but rather when they will become reality.

Research Ways to Refresh in the Present

I believe that hitting refresh starts from within. Since I anticipate that my long-awaited move to Spain in September will be delayed, I am using this unexpected time to tap into my creativity and learn useful skills. If you’re looking to learn something new, check out these 12 top online learning sites. Facebook groups of personal interest are also great outlets for building community during this uncertain period.

While using time wisely is ideal, I also realize that putting pressure on myself serves no good. It’s normal to feel extremely motivated one day and then want to binge the latest series on Netflix the next. However, if you’re craving a culture fix as you redefine your plans, visit one of the top museums from around the world through their virtual tours. 

It goes without saying that staying connected with your friends and family is also important in times of uncertainty. I suggest reconnecting with people from your previous travels who have made a mark on your life as well. This is a fun way to stay excited about your upcoming life-changing plans while being reminded of an awesome friendship you made with someone from a past adventure.

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Remain Engaged

Since I will be moving to Spain, it’s important for me to stay informed of what’s happening in my future home. Therefore, I turn to European news sources, rather than American, and participate in online communities relevant to where I plan to live. These intentional efforts help me feel engaged and hopeful about what my life will be like when I hit refresh.

With the uncertainty of when your travels might happen, now is the time to research your next adventure. When I settle in Madrid, I will study Spanish and teach English through a language school. To help me stay focused on these goals, I take part in the online activities on the school’s social media pages.

Taking steps to envision how things will be when you’re able to travel might help you feel more confident about the future. Although my refresh includes a career move, it’s not my only priority. Since building community and volunteering are also important to me, I’m taking the time now to learn about what I’d like to get involved with when I arrive in Madrid. And, I’m thrilled that I already found a volunteer opportunity aligned with my interest in working with immigrants and refugees.

Keep your eye on the prize

Although your plans might be on hold, it does not mean that they won’t happen. If you’re like me and moving to a foreign country, take time to learn the language. I carve out an hour each day to study Spanish with Duolingo. And, since I’m a beginner, I also watch tons of Spanish cartoons – one of my favorite ways to learn a new language!


Before I moved to Korea to teach English a few years ago, I spent a lot of watching YouTube videos from foreign teachers already living there. Listening to these testimonies helped shed insight about Korean culture and got me excited about my pending adventure. As I prepare for Spain, I intend to prepare this way once again.


As a minimalist, it’s also important for me to buy quality belongings that are effective and sustainable. To help me with keeping my eye on the prize, I’m using this time to research clothing and products aligned with my values. This fun project is a win-win as I get to tap into my creativity while also identifying items that will bring me joy.

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Dream Big

Redefining what your life-changing travel plans look like in uncertain times is an opportunity to ponder, explore and dream big. Get inspired by checking out Pinterest boards from others who have experiences similar to what you anticipate your life will look like when you move. Or, better yet, manifest your future by creating your own vision board. 

Journaling is another great outlet to process redefining your upcoming refresh. I try to carve out time each day to jot down my thoughts, frustrations and whatever comes to mind. Here’s a list of online journals to help you get started. 

Stay Present and Practice Gratitude

The world is suffering right now and one of the most crucial ways to help it heal is to press pause on any travel plans. Although it’s a sad time, it’s also an opportune moment to recalibrate and remember what matters. While travel is a privilege that should not be taken for granted, remaining healthy and safe amidst this global pandemic is even more important.

Staying present and remaining hopeful as you redefine your future adventures will help you keep a positive outlook. With a clear perspective, it’s easier to remain grounded and think clearly about your future. And, when the time is right, your refresh will become a reality!

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