Marla Stein

Marla is a freelance writer for hire and owns Marlita’s Atlas Writing Services. She’s also an ESL teacher and group moderator for She Hit Refresh. When she’s not creating, Marla’s usually volunteering, studying Spanish, and planning her next travel adventure. Follow Marla at https://marlitasatlas.com.
vespa in Italy

A Complete Guide to Living in Italy as an American

Buongiorno! Have you always dreamed of living in Italy? Where every corner reveals a masterpiece, and every meal is a symphony of flavors. If the idea of waking up to the beauty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites every day sounds like the life you’ve always craved, then let’s explore the possibilities of moving to Italy from the US!

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cork ireland

Move to Ireland from the US: It’s Possible, Here’s How!

Imagine a life with fairy surroundings of historic castles, captivating landscapes, and vistas that stretch to meet the boundless ocean. Welcome to Ireland. While fairy tales don’t actually exist, the beauty of Ireland might make you feel as if your living in a storybook setting. If you’re curious about moving to Ireland, come learn how to do it!

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Mijas, Spain

Moving to Spain from the US: Your FAQs Answered

More and more people are moving to Spain from the US and if you ask you’ll quickly see that their reasons for relocating are more than just sunshine and tapas. Americans are drawn by the promise of a better lifestyle, lower living costs, and a safer environment compared to the U.S. Plus, affordable healthcare is a game-changer. Spain’s got it all–the charm, safety, and costs that won’t break the bank. Come learn all about moving to Spain!

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streetcars in LIsbon, Portugal

The Best Expat Communities in Portugal

Ready to make the move to Portugal? After you’ve done your research on visas, healthcare, and all the other tasks that come with moving abroad, it’s time to think about creating community…because the truth is, the people make the place. Learn all you need to know in our guide to the best expat communities in Portugal.

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A Complete Guide to Living in Germany as an American

There are plenty of perks for Americans considering living in Germany. And the country has some unique visas that make it a little easier to stay there long-term. Check out our ultimate guide to living in Germany to learn all you need to know!

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