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Ep 45 | Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby…and Life and Love in France

Ep 45 | Let's Talk About Sex, Baby...and Life and Love in France

melanie hamlett

Welcome to Season 4 of the She Hit Refresh podcast.  A podcast for women age 30 and up who want to break free from routine and start a life of travel. Specifically women who want to move abroad or travel the world long-term. I sit down with women who have made their refresh dreams come true and discuss how and why they moved abroad or hit the road to travel.

In this episode I speak to Melanie Hamlett. Melanie is from the U.S., 43 and living her best life in France. She’s a writing coach whose career really took off after she moved abroad in her late 30s. Listen in to hear about all her adventures abroad, including those of the bedroom type, in this extremely entertaining interview. 
What we discuss
  • Qualify of life in Europe 
  • How her career took off after moving abroad
  • How Europeans actually prioritize enjoying life and don’t center their existence around their job
  • Dating on the apps
  • Becoming a “cougar” 
  • Living in France
  • Dealing with parents passing while abroad
  • Living a slower
  • Teaching English in Spain (we both participated in Spain’s language assistant program)
About Melanie

Melanie Hamlett is a comedian, storyteller, journalist and writing coach living in Lyon, France. After over a decade of doing comedy in NYC and LA, she moved to Europe. Since arriving in Europe, her writing career in America has taken off—she writes regularly for Glamour Mag, The Daily Beast, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, Harper’s Bazaar, Slate, The Guardian, etc etc and is now in talks with production companies to turn her stories into TV shows.

This all started when she left LA to become an English teacher in Spain in the auxiliary program at 40 years old. Now she’s married to a French man and is happily fulfilling her career in Lyon. She coaches new and seasoned writers on how to get bylines in major publications and get their stories out there.

Connect with Melanie on here: https://linktr.ee/MelanieHamlett and check out her Glamour article Men My Age Wouldn’t Date Me, so I Became a ‘Cougar’

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