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Ep 30 | The Adult Orphan Club: A Journey Through Death, Grief, and Loss with Flora Baker

Ep 30 | The Adult Orphan Club: A Journey Through Death, Grief, and Loss with Flora Baker

Welcome to Season 3 where I’ll be speaking to women in the travel industry who are having an impact on the travel industry and helping others live their best lives. We’ll be covering corporate runaway stories, remote work tips, grief and travel, planning for retirement, solo female travel, moving abroad, building generational income, and much more!

In this episode I sit down with Flora Baker. Flora is a travel blogger and author from the UK. In 2017 she found herself a part of a club no one is prepared to join, The Adult Orphan Club, which is also the name of her new book. Having lost both of my parents, Flora felt like the right person to have this intimate discussion with. Listen in as we talk about the hard truths about grief, death, and losing our parents. 


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What we discuss

  • The backstory of losing our parents
  • Can you really become an orphan as an adult?
  • Comparing grief and loss
  • How she coped with the passing of her parents and how travel played a part
  • The importance of “death admin”
  • Talking to your parents about death
  • How she copes with the holidays
  • Mental health
  • Dark humor and death
  • What people get wrong about grief

About Flora

Flora Baker is a travel blogger and author from London, UK. After her mum died suddenly in 2009, Flora embarked on a long-term travelling lifestyle in an attempt to avoid her grief. For the next decade, she studied in San Francisco, taught English in Ecuador, built houses in Brazil, worked with Bollywood singers, trained as a journalist in a Colombian newsroom, sailed to the Arctic, and eventually moved back to London for her masters degree.

When Flora’s dad became terminally ill in 2017, both her life and writing changed focus. After a decade of privately acknowledging her own grief, Flora now uses her personal narrative writing and her online presence to engage with the grief community and help others with their own experiences of loss. Flora’s new book, ‘The Adult Orphan Club’, is a part memoir, part guide to grief.

You can read more from Flora on her website Flora the Explorer, follow her on Twitter and Instagram, and find ‘The Adult Orphan Club’ on Amazon.

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