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Ep 10 | Understanding the Midlife Crisis with Megan Barnes Zesati

Ep 10 | Understanding the Midlife Crisis with Megan Barnes Zesati

“There are consequences for squandering your gifts. There are penalties for leaving big pieces of your life unlived. You’re halfway to dead. Get a move on.” – Brené Brown


In this episode we’re talking about the midlife crisis. You might be wondering, what’s so beautiful about a midlife crisis? Well, it’s all in your perspective. In this conversation with She Hit Refresh member and psychotherapist Megan Barnes Zesati, we talk through what a midlife crisis is, or rather a midlife unraveling, as Brené Brown calls it. We dive into Megan’s own unraveling and how she used travel to help her through it, and touch upon why it happens and how you can find the silver-lining of this transitional phase of life. 

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What We Discuss 

  • Megan shares how she identified and approached her midlife crisis
  • What is a midlife crisis and why does it happen
  • How Megan and her family decided to refresh together by traveling the world
  • How to find the silver-lining when going through a midlife crisis
  • Ways Megan’s story might resonate with other members of She Hit Refresh

About Megan

Megan Barnes Zesati, LCSW-S is a psychotherapist in private practice with an office location in Austin, TX and an international online therapy practice. In 2017-2018 she spent a year living in Costa Rica and took her private practice with her.  She is the founder of Pack Your Practice, providing consultation and trainings to inspire and encourage experienced private practice psychotherapists to learn about the potential for online/video therapy to prevent burnout, to increase client and clinician freedom and flexibility, and to reach clients with limited access to quality therapy.

If you’d like to connect with Megan visit her site or email her at [email protected].

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