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Ep 7 | Hitting Refresh in Thailand with Chronicles Abroad

Ep 7 | Hitting Refresh in Thailand with Chronicles Abroad

Have you ever thought about hitting refresh and buying a one-way ticket to Thailand? The guests in today’s episode did just that! Nubia and Frantzces are two bold and adventurous women who run the podcast Chronicles Abroad. Last May, She Hit Refresh co-founders Annette and Cepee had the opportunity to connect with them on their podcast and it was such a pleasure to have them our ours! We hope you enjoy our conversation.

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What We Discuss 

  •  Taking the leap abroad as single moms
  •  Challenges that women and Women of Color face on the road
  •  How travel can be healing for those suffering from depression and anxiety
  •  Finding love abroad
  •  Teaching English in Thailand

About Nubia and Frantzces

Nubia is a travelpreneur, single mother, and world traveler. She is a dynamic self-starter, with over 10 years of experience in travel and hospitality management industry. She is a bona fide foodie and travel resource consultant who has traveled to 42 countries over 5 continents in the last several years. 

In early 2017, Nubia was laid off from her employer of 4 years.  Even when faced with tough times, Nubia understood that there is a light to what seems like darkness, even if that meant making a drastic change. Later that year, she decided to donate all of her belongings and pack a suitcase to go see the world. Nubia has lived in Thailand, Colombia and most recently Mexico since moving abroad. 

She is the founder of Women Of Color Travel Society, a travel company specializing in curating weekend getaways for professional women of color 40 – 55 years of age. Not only does she travel for a living. She is also the creator and co-host of Chronicles Abroad podcast show, a travel podcast to inspire individuals to live their lives courageously. 

You can find her on IG at @anuexperience, @chronicles_abroad, and @woc_travelsociety

Frantzces is the co-founder of Chronicles Abroad, a travel podcast that inspires people to travel with passion and purpose. She’s also the creator of Defying Resistance. A blog that inspires people to live a life they love. She has written for Tiny Buddha, Medium, Black Girl Ventures and SOULE, an online publication for LGBTQ news and pop culture. 


Her calling in life is to inspire people to live missioned driven lives. To help people to defy the resistance that hinders them from living meaningful lives. Life is like a movie but unlike movies, there are no sequels. Grab yourself a FREE copy of Cheating Resistance: The Ultimate Guide To Unstucking Yourself So You Can Live A Life You Love. Connect with her on Instagram @Frantzces

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