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Ep 8 | How to Become a VA: Hannah Dixon – Digital Nomad Kit

Ep 8 | How to Become a VA: Hannah Dixon - Digital Nomad Kit

Are you looking to become a virtual assistant, aka VA? It’s a great way to finally escape the ball and chain of the office and start working from anywhere. In this podcast, our guest is Hannah Dixon from Digital Nomad Kit. She’s helped thousands of people kick-start their VA career with her FREE 5-Day VA Challenge and she can help you too. Take a listen! 

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What We Discuss 

  • What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)
  • Steps to getting started to become a VA
  • Hannah’s colorful work background and how she got started as a VA 
  • How Hannah went from VA work to running her own business
  • Her plans for 2020 and beyond

About Hannah

Hannah is a Business Strategist and Mentor who has helped over 8000 people create location independent lifestyles through education in freelancing and entrepreneurship via her company Digital Nomad Kit. After 11 years of continuous travel, she is considered a “digital nomad thought leader” and expert in all things related to virtual assistance. She also works one on one with influential entrepreneurs and celebrity figures in training and managing their remote teams.


Having worked previously in the NGO sector to elevate entrepreneurs in poverty-stricken areas, she now offers accessible online & global in-person workshops, training future virtual assistants and freelancers. She finds her passion in helping people realize alternative routes and ideas on success.


Hannah focuses on creating standards of excellence in the digital recruitment space, tackling issues such as fair pay, diversity and communication within remote team cultures. She has been featured in The James Altucher Report, Forbes, Women Digital Nomads, Nomadtopia Radio and numerous other blogs and podcasts on travel and entrepreneurship. You can usually find Hannah in a hammock, eating a burrito.

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