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Ep 12 | Burnout, Belonging and the Art of Reinvention with Kay Fabella

Ep 12 | Burnout, Belonging and the Art of Reinvention with Kay Fabella

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and a topic that is very dear to our guest Kay Fabella. Kay joins us on the podcast to talk about burnout and how her diagnosis of depression led her on a path of reinvention. Part of her refresh has been moving to Spain, starting an online business, and creating boundaries to protect her mental health. Reinvention is a life long process and one that can leave you feeling isolated and lonely when those around you don’t understand the unconventional path you’re on. Listen in as Kay shares her tips to find belonging and feel less alone. 

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What We Discuss 

  • Kay shares her personal story and depression diagnosis
  • How Kay’s diagnosis prompted her on a path of reinvention
  • Challenges of creating a supportive community while hitting refresh
  • Kay’s definition of freedom as a core value and how that has shaped her life
  • Kay’s process of starting her own business and the revelations that came along with it

About Kay

Stories = visibility = diversity = equality — and it’s Kay’s mission to lead a movement for WOC business owners who are ready to step into the spotlight and grow their audience of raving fans and paying clients.
Kay Fabella launched her business as the Story Finder in 2014, and created a bilingual English/Spanish brand that reached an audience in 27 countries in less than 3 years. She was featured in Fast CompanyThrive GlobalHuffington Post and in El País. She leveraged her experience as a Filipina-American expat based in Madrid, Spain, to help solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies grow their visibility through the power of storytelling.
She now teaches her simple *three step visibility system* to entrepreneurs who want to learn to grow profitable businesses with integrity, amplify their platform and reach the clients who need their talents most. Order her first book, Rewrite Your Story: How to Find Who You Are & Thrive After Burnout here.

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2 thoughts on “Ep 12 | Burnout, Belonging and the Art of Reinvention with Kay Fabella”

  1. It was really interesting to hear how Kay revelled in trying new ways to express herself in Spanish… This has been a major obstacle for me, basically I have been trying to be the same person as before, and frustrated that I can’t be. I think now, part of learning a new language is accepting that you’re going to become a different person.

    1. She Hit Refresh

      Thank you so much for listening! Yes, I struggle with that too. I think you’re right, we need to accept who we are in our non-native language, it’s another version of ourselves. Best of luck learning!

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